VPS vs. Dedicated Hosting –  In both hosting models, the client has an independent machine where they can install any operating system, programs, languages, libraries, etc. The fundamental difference is that in VPS, it is a virtual machine, while in Dedicated Servers, it is a physical machine.

VPS Hosting

To understand VPS hosting, it helps to understand shared hosting. Shared hosting is similar to having multiple user accounts on one computer. But instead of using one at a time, everyone can use the computer, or in this case, the host, at the same time. If one website uses a large amount of RAM or bandwidth, other websites hosted on the same server will have fewer resources.

VPS hosting involves equally hosting multiple websites on the same server, but a hypervisor ensures that one website doesn’t start causing problems for the other sites on the server. With VPS Hosting, you allot a particular RAM, bandwidth, and server space. For example, if a hosting server has 100MB of RAM and ten sites host on the server, each website will get 10MB of RAM. The same applies to any other type of resource.

Many VPS servers configure so that the hypervisor can allocate some of another website’s unused resources if a server site needs them. Although the help of a site can borrow temporarily, the hypervisor makes sure that the borrowed areas do not suffer.


Dedicated Hosting

There are several ways that dedicated hosting can be set up and managed, but the key is that a website has an entire server. System administration, such as ensuring software updates occur and protecting the server from malware, may be assigned to the hosting provider, or the person using the server may do it themselves.

With a dedicated server, you get to choose the equipment, including the amount and type of RAM, the size and kind of hard drive, and the processor used in the server. Plus, 100 per cent of server resources are allocated to your site and not shared with anyone else.

When to go From a VPS to a Dedicated Server?

As we have said, a VPS can be more than enough for most web projects. However, to the extent that more traffic is obtain, more domains need to host, or processing requires an increase; it may become limited. In general, VPSs work very well in projects where the processing needs are not very high, but not so much when the applications have to perform complex calculations. Therefore, the Dedicated ones can extract better performance, even at a comparable amount of resources.

In addition, VPS usually have less storage space than Dedicated ones, so they do not recommend options for large databases or if you have to host a large number of heavy files.

To know when we should migrate from a VPS to a VPS with greater capacity or a Dedicated Server. We have a control panel that allows us to manage the server and monitor the status of the resources in real time. This tool will offer us valuable information to know the server’s status. For example, if we find prolonged periods in which an occupation of more than 80% of the server’s resources maintain. We can deduce that the time for a migration is coming.

It is essential to do a preliminary analysis of the needs expected to be covered in the projects after the migration process between servers. It is necessary because VPS and Dedicated, unlike Cloud Servers, do not quickly increase computing capacities. So migration would be required if the server falls short.

Since migrations are especially laborious when many domains have to move from one server to another. We recommend that we expect a lot of variation in requirements, and therefore, we consider starting directly on a Cloud Server with the minimum configuration. Since we can always increase your resources without migrating machines.

Differences Between a VPS Server and a Dedicated

Now that we know what each server is like let’s talk about some differences.

The most remarkable difference is the most obvious. A VPS is a virtualized server, while a Dedicated is a physical server. In addition, a Dedicated Server can have multiple VPSs on it, making it a host.

Advantages of the VPS:

  • A cheaper service to launch your project.
  • Resources could modify without the need to change servers. However, it is something to keep in mind, as it will be able to grow as your project grows.

Advantages of the Dedicated:

  • Powerful servers for demanding projects.
  • Better performance since the resources are physical, not virtualized.

How to Choose Between VPS Hosting Vs. Dedicated?

When using a shared server. Large websites can suffer from downtime and limited resources, which means it’s time for a plan change. If you’re unsure which advanced hosting plan would suit your needs, it’s best to consider your site’s size and traffic.

Why Choose Dedicated Hosting?

  • You have a high-traffic website such as an e-commerce or business site.
  • Your website has grown beyond the resource allocation of your VPS.
  • You are comfortable setting up and maintaining your server.

While Dedicated hosting has its advantages, it is the most expensive hosting plan. Therefore, you may only consider purchasing a Dedicated server after utilizing the scalable resources of a Virtual Private Server. Also, you have to be prepared to manage the server configuration and maintenance required by a Dedicated server.

Why Choose VPS Hosting?

  • You have a medium or small business website.
  • Your online traffic exceeds the limits of the shared server.
  • It would help if you had something in the middle between shared and dedicated hosting.

However, VPS hosting involves sharing server hardware with other websites. Also, unlike a dedicated server, a VPS can leave you more vulnerable to security breaches.


Whether you choose VPS or Dedicated hosting, you can find a Dream Host plan to keep your site running at its best. Along with the differences in prices, there are several differences in the way resources manages. In addition, the hosting you’ll need will depend on the kind of site you want to run and whether you expect to need more bandwidth or data in the future.

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