Work from Home: COVID-19 is currently threatening the entire planet. As a part of measures, governments of different nations will announce lockdowns across the country. To avoid coronavirus infection, people must remain in quarantine.

In this COVID-19 period, many industries have to suspend their activities as they cannot expect employees to travel to the office, visit the production facility and meet the on-site clients.

But the sectors or organizations that require a computer, smartphone, and internet access to complete their operations allow their workers to work from home or remotely.

Working from home is a typical occurrence in nations like the United States. However, many people are working from home for the first time for 21 days to three months.

To operate wisely and efficiently, employees must utilize various technologies and tools for communication, time management, workflow management, document management, password management, tracking and maintaining keynotes, and other tasks.

Greatest Work From Home Applications That Allow You To Work Efficiently


Zoom is an excellent tool to cooperate with your team. Employees, coworkers, and employers may communicate via phone conversations, instant messaging, video conferencing, and screen sharing. It enables you to hold a Zoom meeting with a single user or a group of up to 100 people.

Zoom includes camera filter capabilities for enhanced video quality, allowing users to even out the skin tone on their faces and create a more polished image in front of other participants.

Hosts can schedule a meeting lasting 40 minutes in Zoom’s free edition. The host must pay a monthly charge to arrange the appointment for an indefinite period, and all participants are free to attend.


It’s a task and project management tool that aids in the smooth management of large projects. The platform includes a workflow tool, third-party interaction with various tools and applications, an easy user interface, extensive project management capabilities, specialized smartphone apps, and time tracking tools.

May use Trello for tiny and easy tasks. However, Asana is preferable for large-scale projects with functions of a higher level of complexity.


Slack is a dependable communication tool that allows you to effortlessly and rapidly work with your team. It doesn’t imply it can replace email, and Email is undoubtedly the most effective and extensively used form of communication.

You may use Slack to manage projects, tasks, deadlines, and more. When it comes to the platform’s fundamental functions, you may make calls, send messages, and exchange files and documents.

Slack helps you work more efficiently by utilizing shortcuts and integrating third-party apps such as Asana, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Furthermore, you may tailor the keyword notification to focus on the most crucial parts while ignoring the less important activities.


It is a popular and frequently used file management program that lets you save files, movies, and images on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. However, you need internet access to move your offline files to Dropbox.

Dropbox has limited free storage space, but it has a few complex capabilities that you won’t find in any other file management tool. Block synching is one of these one-of-a-kind characteristics.

When you make changes to your file and wish to update it in Dropbox, the program employs a block synching mechanism. Instead of re-uploading the entire file, it merely syncs the changes made. As a result, the file updating procedure gets speedier.

Chrome Remote Desktop

The user may access their professional PC from their home computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet using Chrome Remote Desktop. You may access all of your professional data at any time and from any location without being concerned about security issues.

Furthermore, the software enables users to connect their devices with other team members.

Once you and your team members have created a connection, they will access their professional PCs and use remote assistance. Not only can the teammates handle their computers, but they can also view their screens.


Trello is a famous work management app because it enables you to effectively collaborate with your team and organize your tasks to complete the project on time. It features a cardboard view where you may provide specific task-related information like status, description, date, time, attachment, resources, and so forth.

The program integrates third-party tools or applications, offline access, and built-in workflow automation to make your work life easier and more organized.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables you to manage projects by successfully sharing documents with your team. You may communicate with your coworkers via text and video chat. Through HD video and audio conferencing, you can connect with your team face to face.

Furthermore, Microsoft Teams provides organizations with the enterprise-level compliance and security that they have come to expect from Office 365. Microsoft Teams will regard as the teamwork hub due to its advanced capabilities.

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