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Beacon Technology Write For UsBeacon Technology are low-cost, wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth Low Energy technology to broadcast proximity-based signals to other nearby devices. The low power consumption ensures twice the battery life and allows the beacon to be used for longer periods of time.

In most cases, beacons consist of three parts: some batteries, a central processing unit (CPU), and a radio; Each beacon device has a unique ID (Universally Unique Identifier) that is broadcast via Bluetooth to a receiver (such as a phone) and an application on the receiver provides information about its proximity to the broadcaster.

How Does Beacon Technology Work?

The most mutual use of beacon technology is for proximity marketing. This can be as simple as showing the app user a notification with a coupon for the user’s product or displaying in-app content detailing an upcoming event. Or it can be complex, such as calculating a user’s location based on their proximity to a beacon.

For example, when a retailer installs beacons in their shop, they all have unique IDs registered for their particular app. The ID can trigger the app to perform any action that the retailer has assigned to it. Or used to collect user analytics to understand how to improve a particular location.

What Are Bluetooth Beacons Used For?

  • Understand your workspace occupancy with room-level monitoring: Reduce office space and improve usability and employee satisfaction and productivity by measuring occupancy at the meeting room, floor, and seat levels.
  • Reduce carbon footprint and improve employee experience: Monitor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light, motion and air quality in real time.
  • Create a Safer Workplace: Automate people counting and identify employee and visitor locations in case of emergency.
  • Manage visitor flow: Improves security management by providing a continuous process that connects hosts and guests with real-time visitor tracking, while maintaining safety, security and compliance.
  • Provide seamless indoor navigation: Improve orientation inside your building with turn-by-turn navigation. Easily navigate your employees and guests to designated rooms so they don’t miss their meetings.

Beacon Technology Market Outlook 2021-2030

According to a recent research report by Allied Market Research, the global smart beacon market is set to experience tremendous growth, and is expected to reach $103.94 billion by 2030.

Growth in organized retail such as supermarkets, departmental stores, and hypermarkets is expected to generate the most lucrative opportunities during the forecast period. After this comes the number of hospitality, banking, healthcare, education and transport and logistics.

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