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Blockchain technology is an advanced database device that enables transparent information sharing within a company’s system. It Keeps data in linked blocks collected in a chain. The information is chronologically stable because the string cannot be removed or modified without network consensus. As a result, blockchain technology can create an unalterable or immutable ledger to keep track of orders, payments, accounts, and other transactions. The system includes built-in mechanisms that prevent illegal transaction entries and create consistency in the standard view of these transactions.

How does blockchain technology work?

A blockchain is a record-keeping system where multiple sources validate input before it is added to the data chain. Once data is added, it cannot be changed, and the record is distributed to multiple places within the network. Adding a new form (known as a block ) to the blockchain sequence requires verification from multiple members connected to the chain network. These data blocks are all linked together and form a chain. All transactions are public to those on the blockchain, but all identities are hidden.

How is blockchain technology used in different sectors?

Blockchain technology is an emerging technology that various sectors are adopting in innovative ways. The following subsections describe some use cases from different industries:


Energy companies use this technology to create peer-to-peer energy trading platforms and optimize access to renewable energy. For example, let’s look at these uses:

  • Energy companies using blockchain technology have created a trading platform for the sale of electricity between individuals. Homeowners with solar panels use this platform to sell their excess solar power to neighbors. The process is mainly automated: smart meters generate the transactions, and it records them.
  • With crowdfunding initiatives based on this technology, users can finance and purchase solar panels in communities lacking energy access. Sponsors may also receive a lease from these communities once the solar panels are built.


Traditional financial systems, such as banks and stock exchanges, use blockchain services to manage online payments, accounts, and market operations. For example, Singapore Exchange Limited, an investment field company that provides financial trading services across Asia, uses this technology to create a more efficient interbank payments account. With the adoption of blockchain technology, they have solved various challenges, such as batch processing and manual reconciliation of thousands of financial transactions.

Media content and entertainment

Media and entertainment companies use this systems to manage copyright data. Copyright verification is essential for artists to receive fair remuneration, and multiple transactions are required to record the sale or transfer of copyrighted content. Sony Music Entertainment Japan uses blockchain services to make digital rights management more efficient. They have successfully used the blockchain strategy to improve productivity and decrease costs in copyright processing.

Retail sale

Retail companies use blockchain technology to track the movement of goods between suppliers and buyers. For example, Amazon’s retail service filed a patent for a distributed ledger technology system in which blockchain technology will verify that all products sold on the stage are authentic. Amazon sellers can map their global supply chains and allow participants such as manufacturers, couriers, distributors, end-users, and secondary users to add events to the ledger after recording with a certificate authority.

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