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mobileMobile technology refers to portable devices and tools that allow users to share information wirelessly. For this technology to work, it is necessary to combine three components: Cellular or portable computing devices, telecommunication networks and software systems or mobile applications.

Correct Use of Mobile Technology

The primary use of mobile technology today is for two-way communication between devices.

Managing work or business processes over long distances, communicating with family members, sharing instant moments with friends, accessing multimedia content outdoors, contracting specialized services and managing daily activities are just some of the most mutual uses. At least as far as the use of mobile phones is concerned.

Importance of Mobile Technology

By allowing instant communication between two distant points, this technology has opened the doors to collaborative and flexible processes, essential for modern life.

Virtual conferences, for example, help professionals stay productive and create new business models or unique experiences for their clients. Internet networks have connected students to an almost inexhaustible source of information and real-time messaging makes it possible to coordinate activities of all kinds, almost as well as the face-to-face format.

Characteristics of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology, led by cellular technology, has a series of specific characteristics that have allowed it to perfectly adapt to all kinds of contexts, in turn solving many practical problems related to communication and access to information sources.

These four fundamental characteristics are:


Advances in electronics and integrated circuits have directly influenced the development of cell phone use. Being increasingly compact and powerful, both in processing capacity and data connection speed, they become extremely convenient for daily life.

Integration capacity

One of the greatest advantages of technology, without this being the exception, is the property of integration between equipment. That is, through a basic programming or a primary technology, it is possible to make multiple different devices cooperate to obtain the same specific benefits. An example of this is web applications, which can be used by a huge number of mobile devices with the same results.

efficient mobility

One of the biggest drawbacks of older computing systems was poor mobility. Modern portable systems, on the other hand, allow all daily processes to be kept running while the user or company moves to any convenient location.


This technology is designed to be scalable, that is, it has the ability to flexibly adapt to new tools and respond to innovation with improved versions of already functional products or services. Thus, an app can be reused in a new version to deliver entire business systems, or a number of teams can revamp its components to create more powerful functionality.

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