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Assistive Technology Write For Us

Assistive Technology – These days, technology is everywhere. But did you know that there are specific technology tools that can help people learn and think differently? This assistive technology (AT) tools are often inexpensive and easy to use.

What is Assistive Technology?

assistive technologyAssistive technology enables and promotes inclusion and participation, especially of people with disabilities, the elderly, and individuals with non-communicable diseases. The primary purpose of these products is to preserve or improve the functions and autonomy of people and thus promote their well-being. These aids allow people to lead a dignified, healthy, productive, and autonomous life, study, work and participate in social life.

Today, 1 billion people need assistive products, and it is projected that by 2030 more than 2 billion people worldwide will require at least one assistive product. While anyone may need an assistive product at some point in life, they are most often required by adults and children with disabilities, the elderly, and people with chronic conditions such as diabetes and dementia.

Who Can Benefit?

Any child with difficulty performing a task or using materials the same way as their peers can benefit from assistive technology. Although a child does not need to have a diagnosis, specific tasks benefit from having assistive technology support in school, including:

  • Executive functioning challenges include distraction, emotional control, organizing impulse control, task initiation, and working memory.
  • Difficulties with writing include the physical skill to write or express themselves clearly and take notes.
  • Delays or deficiencies in gross or fine motor skills.
  • Hearing and visual deficiencies.
  • Speech and language difficulties.
  • Challenges with mathematics.
  • Difficulties with reading, including comprehension, decoding, fluency, or spelling.

How Can Assistive Technology Help?

Assistive technology bridges the break between what a child knows and what they can communicate. “It makes things easy,” says speech therapist Alexa Brigante, who majors in assistive technology. “When kids have the right support, you can see more of their true latent and who they are on the inside.”

For example, if a child has difficulty typing, a keyboard can help. “When writing by hand is difficult, it requires enormous concentration and is exhausting,” explains Biel. “So it’s much easier for them to learn to type than to learn all those letter creations.” A keyboard allows them to have more energy to think and communicate.

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