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A modem is an acronym made up of two terms modulation and demodulation. It is a device used in computing to convert digital signals into analog and vice versa so that they can be transmitted in an intelligible way. In computers or computers, it is an input/output peripheral that can be both internal and external. It allows you to connect a telephone line or cable to the computer and access different networks, such as the Internet.

How does a modem work?

modemThe modem receives the information from the ISP over the phone line, fiber optic, or coaxial cable, usually as an analog signal, and then converts it to a digital signal using demodulation.

On the contrary, it transforms the data packets into a digital signals into analog signals through a modulation process to send the information.

The router’s job is to channel these signals to the connected devices, either by Ethernet cables or wifi, so that all devices can access the Internet.

Types Of Modem

Let’s see how the types of modems that have existed over time:

Internal Modem

These modems consist of an expansion card connected to our computer’s motherboard. It will consist of a PCB with the components of a modem and an interface based on the ISA, AMR bus, or via PCI, the latest ones manufactured.


In this case, we will have a device that connects to the computer through a serial port, for example, USB. They are generally used to perform the functions of answering machines or fax.

PCMIA external

They are also external modems smaller than the previous ones and connected via PCMCIA to laptops.

HSP software

We also called winmodems, internal modems whose modulator/the computer’s processor performs demodulator function. We must use computer software that generates the corresponding instructions typical of a modem.

The use of the modem today

Before, for example, we talked about the ISDN and ADSL network, and we must bear in mind that this network is no longer analog. Although it is true that we still call the device that we connect between our PC and ADSL a modem, it is not correct since this function is what a network card does or a router.

It is only used for analog connections; we must always keep this in mind. A digital Internet connection does not need modulation or demodulation since communication is directly through a network interface or card.

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