How to Find the Most Out of Your Wireless Router

Thanks to Wi-Fi, running an internet connection throughout the entire flat is no longer essential these days. Even yet, there are frequently issues with radio signal strength. On the other hand, the Wi-Fi signal may be readily increase using a few methods.

Place your router in an open space

Much like Superman’s x-ray vision, wireless signals have trouble penetrating metal and other dense objects. Obstacles such as metal filing cabinets, pipes, and walls can limit your wireless connection, and the more blocks between your router and your computer, the greater the interference.

Place the router outdoors away from distracting objects to maximize signal strength. Likewise, placing your router in the corner of your home (or worse, in the basement) can reduce its range and capacity, as the signal loses strength each time it passes through an obstacle. Conversely, keeping your router in a central location can dramatically improve your Wi-Fi performance.

Wireless Router – Interference Sources

Wireless Router - Interference Sources


Because of steel beams and other metals, walls in residence might become sources of interference. Damp walls, poorly positioned furniture, towering bathroom radiators, and even well-loved interior plants may impede Wi-Fi signal reception. Reassigning the huge plant or bookcase might be beneficial. Baby monitors, loudspeakers, Bluetooth transmitters, and remote controllers should all be keep safely away from the router.

Distance Regulations

In some cases, the router’s settings can cause an incorrect radio signal. Few individuals know that a web interface may be use to configure a network router. For the applicable model, the general basic login info and IP address may be readily access on the Internet.

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Update Software

Manufacturers are constantly developing the software that is installed on a WLAN router. By login into the router’s user interface, you may see if a firmware update is available. There are further sub-items under “System,” such as “Software Update” or “Update.” The upgraded software will patch security vulnerabilities and add additional functionality if you click on them. In the end, this may boost reception.

Channel Shift

In most circumstances, the radio channel is pre-programm on each router. The issue is that the neighbors might be on the same track, and the Wi-Fi signal will collapse if several users utilize the same channel.

Signal Strength Modification

The wireless router’s signal intensity may also be adjusted manually, and the power may be adjusted using a slider between zero and one hundred percent in most situations.

Wi-Fi Extender

A Wi-Fi repeater is popular because it is the most efficient and straightforward way to amplify the Wi-Fi signal. The little extra gadget amplifies and spreads the router’s radio signal around the residence.

Technically, it creates a second network without requiring an additional login.

Installing several WLAN repeaters, for example, may boost the speed and range of a Ruckus WLAN even more. In this case, the repeaters are mounted in a circle around the router

For anyone who does not want any additional radio beams in their house, experts propose a Powerlan adaptor. This implies utilizing your electricity line as an extra internet line.

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