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A computer is a programmable electronic device that accepts raw data as input and processes it with a set of instructions (a program) to produce the result as output. It renders output after performing mathematical and logical operations and can save the work for future use. It can process numerical as well as non-numerical calculations. Therefore the term “computer” is derived from the Latin word “computer”, which means to calculate.

The Basic Parts Without Which a Computer Cannot Work

  • Processor: It executes instructions from software and also hardware.
  • Memory: It is the primary memory for data transfer between the CPU and storage.
  • Motherboard: It is the part that connects all other features or components of a system.
  • Storage Device: It permanently stores the data, e.g., hard drive.
  • Input Device: It allows you to communicate with the computer or input data, e.g., a keyboard.
  • Output Device: It lets you see the output, e.g., monitor.

Benefits of Using a Computer

  • Increases your productivity: A computer increases your productivity. For example, you can create, edit, store, and print documents easily and quickly after a basic understanding of a word processor.
  • Connects to the Internet: It connects you to the internet that allows you to send emails, browse content, gain information, use social media platforms, and also more. You can also connect to your long-distance friends and family members by connecting to the internet.
  • Storage: A computer allows you to store a large amount of information, e.g., you can store your projects, ebooks, documents, movies, pictures, songs, and more.
  • Organized Data and Information: It not only allows you to store data but also enables you to manage your data. For example, you can create different folders to store other data and information and thus can search for information easily and quickly.
  • Improves your abilities: It helps write good English if you are not good at spelling and grammar. Similarly, if you are not good at math and don’t have a great memory, you can use a computer to perform calculations and store the results.
  • Assist the physically challenged: It can be used to help the physically challenged, e.g., Stephen Hawking, who was unable to speak, used a computer to communicate. It also can be used to help blind people by installing special software to read what is on the screen.
  • Keeps you entertained: You can use the computer to listen to songs, watch movies, play games and also more.

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