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web designerA web designer is a professional who has the necessary knowledge to create websites with the right features that a business requires to sell online, regardless of the industry the company is in. You can design and create blogs, landing pages, or online stores.

His work is basically based on mastering different tools that result in creating a complete website according to his client’s specifications. Just as the job of any designer is to take the idea of ​​his client or his own and represent it in a way that is understood and delivers the message that is sought to be given clearly, a web designer must do the same, with the approach of, in addition, making your design have intuitive navigation for any user.

What Does A Web Designer Do?

Explaining what a web designer is must be done with care and detail since the term tends to be confused due to the easy understanding of both words separately; It is generally thought that the web designer is in charge of carrying out the entire process of a web page and, having this idea, many companies make the mistake of hiring someone who does not know all the necessary aspects to meet their online objectives and does not they get the results they expect with their site and virtual space.

The web designer only does part of creating a page but does not work together to give the website real dynamism.

Types of Web Designers

Web UX Designer

In a nutshell, a UX designer specializes in the user’s experience navigating a page or website. The UX refers to all the relative aspects of interaction with the user and not only refers to the design but also to the visual element, the quality of the content, everything related to the emotions and feelings that make up the brand, and the transmission of all this to the user.

Therefore, a UX designer is also the professional in charge of the perception and sensations a product leaves in the user’s mind.

The functions of the UX designer are composed of:

  • Market research. It would refer to the information you can collect to make the website’s content more attractive, analyzing the strategies used by the industry and giving results to your target audience.
  • Implement evaluations, usability tests, and benchmarks, among others; this helps determine if the functions of a web page are comfortable and related to the target audience.
  • Data analysis and implementation of metrics. With the help of a web programmer, a UX designer can request the implementation of features that track how users navigate the website and see if they are taking the desired actions or if changes need to be made.
  • Information architecture. The proper order will indirectly make the user feel closer to the brand and have a better experience when entering the website.

Web UI designer

UI refers to the user interface and is the view that allows the user to interact with a system. It is the sum of information architecture + visual elements + interaction patterns.

Then the UI designer is in charge of visually creating the product interface; that way, it has harmony and generates an excellent user experience. In turn, he creates interactive elements and ensures that it looks perfect on all platforms. The UI designer must work by providing style guides and usage patterns.

The activities carried out by a UI designer are:

  • Interaction design regarding system response
  • Interaction guides would be the states of the system
  • Arrangement of elements such as buttons and forms
  • The visual design of icons and images
  • Style guides like color palettes and fonts

How Much Does A Web Designer Earn?

For example, the average salary of a web designer in Spain is around €18,000 per year, about €1,500 per month, or about €50 per day. However, when a designer is just starting, he may only earn about €9,000 a year, and those with much more experience can earn about €30,000 a year.

For example, in Peru, a web designer earns about 3,000 soles a month; in Mexico, about 12,500 pesos per month; and in Colombia, approximately 1,750,000 Colombian pesos per month. These incomes also vary significantly according to the level of specialization, skills acquired, and type of work.

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