Online security: It is no secret that the threat of cyber-crime is now one of the largest categories of crime in the world, it is said to have contributed well over 1 trillion dollars two global cyber-crime in the last 12 months alone. In today’s technologically driven world, businesses now have to deal with security threats such as data breaches, malicious links, ransomware attacks, and many other sources of danger online.

Whether your business is large or small, it really does not matter – hackers and cyberattacks will target any kind of business because each one has something to lose. There has been a trend towards small and medium sized businesses being the most targeted though, and this is why you should consider your online safety needs of your business very critically in 2022. Cyber-attacks are growing so quickly be closed technology has led to us being always connected, we are now you using online hosted applications as well as flexible working setups so our teams and staff are accessing private company data on public networks more frequently and opening up the risk to a hack.

For many business owners, one of the best ways to ensure that your business network and IT infrastructure is being securely monitored an properly protected by professionals who know what they’re doing, is to partner with a trusted and professional provider of IT support. TechQuarters are a trusted IT Support Provider London Businesses have been using for many years now to properly protect and secure the company and business data in the right ways. They provide businesses in the United Kingdom with Full IT Support as well as specialised Outsourced IT Support London Solutions which cater to businesses specific security needs and prevention of cyber-attacks.

When it comes to having an IT support provider who could help you, they will focus on three core areas too secure your Business Network and infrastructure – the first will focus on securing your people and staff, the second will focus on securing your processes and operations, and the final step will be to focus on securing your technology and software and hardware. If you do not start at the bottom and ensure that the technology and systems you use are being used properly, then you will open up your business to hackers and make it more vulnerable to attacks in the future.

Almost 80% of all attacks happen thanks to user error – this means your staff and teams are clicking on unsafe links and accessing unsafe websites. Through the proper training can go along way so ensure that your teams know what an unsafe link is and how to avoid unsafe websites and connections. You should also ensure that your teams use a good and trusted form of multi-factor authentication to secure their accounts as well. Ensuring that logins require a two-step approval will help to ward of unwanted or unauthorised people from accessing your company data.

Over the last couple of years, the threats to businesses that operate online have increased at a phenomenal rate – as a business owner, you should be ensuring that your teams are properly trained and that your systems are properly protected. Your companies’ digital assets are your most prized possessions, you need to ensure that they are being stored and secured in the most beneficial and secure ways possible in order to stay safe and protect your company data going forward.

We recommend taking a look at where your current cyber-security stands and assessing where it can be improved – securing your company data should be your top priority in today’s technologically advanced world.