Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands (Bollinger Bands in English) are a trading indicator that measures the market’s volatility and provides a large amount of information useful for buying and selling financial assets.

What are Bollinger Bands?

The so-called Bollinger bands are oscillating indicators. They are mainly used to calculate the level of price volatility. Using this tool, you can determine if the cost is high or low compared to the average value obtained over time. Forming the data, it is possible to predict the present value change in the mean. The leading information that the bands provide is how the prices disperse from the mean value. It consists of

The two extreme bands react to every price movement in the market. They expand when the volatility index is extensive, away from the midline. The contract when the volatility index is low, moving toward the midline. The higher line of the Bollinger bands is the one that comes from the calculation of the standard deviation of the amount that adds to the moving average value. The second line, or middle line, is often a moving average of periods, mainly price. And finally, the bottom line is also a by-product of the price standard deviation calculation. Instead of adding, a subtraction of the moving average value is complete.

How to Use Bollinger Bands?

Although Bollinger bands use in traditional financial markets, they can also use for trading transactions in the cryptocurrency market. Of course, there are different ways to use and interpret the data provided by Bollinger bands. But, the rule is that you should avoid using Bollinger bands as the only indicator when analyzing any given market. Also, it should not take as an indicator of buying and selling opportunities.

Suppose the price crosses the moving average and crosses the upper end of the Bollinger bands. In that case, it assumes a high probability that the market is in an overbought condition.

Why is this Indicator Important?

Many stock investors consider Bollinger bands one of the most valuable indicators for this trade. It uses to read the market strength of a given trend. To find the potential high and low during the consolidation period, plan to enter the position. In addition, its classification as a dynamic indicator means adapting to changing market conditions and lacks the lags that characterize more popular indicators.

The undoubted advantage of the indicator is that it is not a so-called static indicator. It changes its shape based on recent price movements and current market momentum. With this, you can also use the band to analyse the strength of a trend and find critical highs and lows. When it comes to analyzing the power of a movement, it is essential to remember that during strong trends, the repeated attempts to bring the price closer to the outer band testify to the lack of strength of the movement.

How are Bollinger Bands Calculated?

It is a chart analysis indicator develop by John Bollinger to indicate trends and changes. For the calculation, arithmetic moving average over 20 days first calculating (default setting)—Bollinger’s ideal base on the statistical clustering phenomenon in the middle. In customarily distributed groups of values, ​​a certain number of deals ​​with a certain probability only deviate from the mean value by a certain amount.

It means that all values are round in a comparatively narrow range., disregarding isolated outliers. In statistics, we speak of a normal Gaussian distribution. Next, the standard deviation calculates, which quantifies how strong the changes have fluctuated around the 20-day average in the past. From this, two curves are obtained by adding the standard deviation once to the 20-day average and subtracting it from the 20-day average the other time.


How are Bollinger Bands Interpreted?

To interpret the results of the Bollinger bands, you must first look at the chart because, according to its indices, it can tell you what the trends and behaviors are like at a given time. In this way, better conclusions are obtain if you want to buy or sell a product. YIn addition, you can verify if the market

The further apart the bands are, the greater the price deviation. And therefore, we are in the presence of a much more volatile market. Likewise, various periods can also observe since there are moments or phases of rest or calm in the range amid every specific time of volatility. While the Bollinger bands are further apart, there will be more volatility, while the degree decreases if they are narrower or closer together. If any of the bands deviate, its slope will change according to the direction of the moving average.

Valuable Tips for Trading with Bollinger Bands

One of the most significant advantages of Bollinger bands is that you can trade through them. It contains essential features that are good to know. One of them is that the price moves in ‘swings.’ This means that prices will constantly gradually go backward. In other words, these amounts do not advance without ups and downs. It is taken into account that the price should be higher than the upper range if you want to sell.

The Bollinger Band Squeeze

As mentioned above, it help identify periods of low volatility indicative of consolidated market environments. Breakout dealers will often look for these periods of merging and wait for the next trading opportunity to emerge from the consolidation.

While Bollinger Bands are narrow, the upper band consider a resistance point and the lower band a support level. If the price were to break down above the resistance or below the support of these bands, it  considered a trading opportunity for breakout investors.

In this phase, the market could be moving from consolidation to a new price trend. Breakout investors could use it as an entry opportunity to trade this new trend.

  • A breakout of critical support or resistance lines use with the Bollinger Band breakout as a confirmation signal before entering the trade.
  • It is also preferable to watch a substantial widening of the Bollinger bands before entering the market.
  • The widening Bollinger bands suggest that the price is breaking out of a consolidation into a new directional trend.


Bollinger bands are certainly one of the favorite indicators for technical traders as they help make buying and selling decisions in trading. Also, Bollinger Bands joint with other indicators such as MACD, RSI, or moving averages to increase the accuracy of the signals.

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