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Biotechnology is the application of technology that uses biological systems and living organisms –or derivatives- to create or modify processes or products for specific uses. It is known for its multidisciplinary area since it is applied in chemistry, biology, and various methods to reach different sectors such as medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, food science, and forestry.

What Is Biotechnology For?

Biotechnology uses the biological machinery of other living beings to benefit man; it uses living cells to create specific products. Knowing what biotechnology is, we can better understand what it is for. And it is achieved with biotechnology, improved medicines, healthy foods, more productive crops, more resistant materials and energy sources.

What are the Fields of Application of Biotechnology?

Humans have learned to use, modify and improve the organisms that nature offers them according to their needs. It is necessary to know the biotechnology application fields to know what types of biotechnological jobs we will focus on.


It obtains drugs, diagnoses diseases, vaccines, cell therapies, and molecular identity.

Agricultural and livestock

To develop crops and improve crops and food, as well as resist pests and diseases. Its tools and methodologies can reduce new plant varieties faster than before, with tolerance to adverse environmental conditions, improved nutritional characteristics, and resistance to herbicides, pests, etc. It is used in disease diagnostic systems, using living organisms or substances produced to improve crop productivity or pest control. Also, in the culture of cells and tissues in vitro to grow plants on a large scale; in genetically modified crops; germplasm conservation; diversity studies, genetic evolution of populations and improvement programs.


As resistance to pollution, conserve species. It is applied in the treatment of contaminated liquid waste, in the management of solid waste, in the recovery of metals, and the diagnosis and detection of substances.

Industrial process

It is applied in cosmetics, food, fuels, and chemical substances. Help to obtain additives, flavorings, colorings, detergents, and fuel alcohol thanks to these new intelligent materials.

What are the types of Biotechnology?

Biotechnology can be classified into different types according to its applications:

  • Red biotechnology: refers to the use of bio-organisms in medicine, such as in the creation of antibiotics. It is the health branch of its.
  • Green biotechnology: applied to agricultural processes. For example, the development of products to combat pests.
  • White biotechnology: it is technology applied to industrial processes—for example, the development of biofuels.
  • Gray biotechnology: for the search for solutions to environmental problems. It seeks the conservation and recovery of natural ecosystems contaminated with bioremediation processes.
  • Blue biotechnology: for processes related to the sea. Development of marine resources for the creation of products for aquaculture, for example.

Biotechnology has recently shown its potential in developing modern cell, molecular, and genetic biology techniques in combination with engineering. Likewise, it is complemented by knowledge in bioethics, bioinformatics, legislation, economics, and administration.

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