Blooket play uses gamification methods to offer immersive learning (mainly through quizzes) to level classroom engagement. Blooket play was created in 2018, and millions of students and teachers are currently using this “learning reimagined platform. American schools and other schools around the globe are consuming this tool to level up classroom engagement.

This blog explores everything about Blooket play, along with some blooket play alternatives to try.

What is Blooket play?


Blooket play is a fun, creative, and effective game-based stage that prompts learners and teachers to learn and teach by using blooket play’s pre-defined quiz material or custom-created quiz with character-based gaming.

Eyeing the website interface and design originally, the website is very user friendly and well-customed to creative content, containing cute design and interactive gameplay, reflecting the plan of creating the “Blooket play.”

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What does Blooket play Offer?

Blooket play isn’t just a learning platform; it’s more than this. For students, Blooket offers immersive knowledge experiences (say, ages 5 to 15) with original game modes, customized features, alluring themes, and more.

For teachers, it offers operating profits such as teaching with fun, active calculation creation, group and solo teaching, and much more. The embedded incentives (earning and spending coins) also turn the teaching style in whole new trivia.

Other than this, the tool mutely offers many features as follows:

  • Group and solo game playing
  • Interactive animations and themes
  • Tweak game settings with a variety of options
  • Buy coins to unlock the premium content
  • Make money (not confirmed) while solving quizzes
  • Compete between students in a fun way
  • Create and import question paper
  • Choose a game theme from multiple choices

How Does Blooket play Work?

Well, Blooket play is slick, easy to use, and at times addictive. The fun and ideal part is its game theme, which is subtle and eye-conscious. Getting started with Blooket play is easy. You can quickly host games without hindering your head and ask students to join through Gamer ID.

1. Login or sign up

To make a question paper or call students to join quizzes, teachers need to make an account through the dashboard – they can start the fun!

2. Select a question set

Blooket play is a quiz-based game; hence the tool offers many question papers in different formats and themes. Also, you can make a custom problem set, import one, or find a liking in the discover database.

How to make a question set in a blooket?

  • After you log in, click on Create Icon (appears on the menu)
  • Enter the title of the question set. E.g.,  Animal Words
  • Select a cover image either from the gallery or upload through the URL
  • Choose whether to keep on private mode. Then click on Create.”
  • Now choose the Add Question option
  • , and add questions with a timer, images, and multiple options.
  • Click on the save button to protect the question in the database.

3. Choose a game mode

After finishing adding requests, tick on host,” which takes you to the game mode window.

Select a game mode from the accessible options. After selecting a game mode, you will be requested to edit in pre-default settings. Do only if you feel so. Then click on Host Now.”

4. Invite Students

A Gamer ID will be created and shown on your display. Send the ID to your learners and tell them to enter and join the quiz.

How to seam in a blooket play?

  • Go to blooket
  • Paste the gamer ID and press Enter
  • Select your blooket play avatar
  • Wait for the game to start

5. Examine the result

Upon ending the quiz, the teacher can get a complete report of the result. The tool delivers each student’s performance in a clear format which can be used further to conclude the winner.

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Benefits of Using Blooket play for Teachers and Students


Blooket play is an online tool for teaching and learning. It is a gamified learning stage where teachers host quiz-style games and students answer independently. This learning reimagined platform brings numerous benefits for teachers and student.

Blooket benefits for teachers:

  • Simplified teaching efforts
  • Level up classroom engagement
  • Increases student’s engagement with the subject
  • Enable formative assessment quickly and easily
  • Enables systematic grading for each student
  • Assist coaching in a fun and disciplined manner
  • Help teacher spot intelligent students quickly
  • It can be played live or allotted as homework

Blooket play benefits for students:

  • It encourages independent and collaborative learning
  • Allows students to be proactive in mind
  • Rewards students for their efforts
  • Help students sharpen their visual memories
  • Allow students to learn things in a fun way
  • It focuses primitively on motivation
  • It highly rises the learning efficiency of the students

How To Best Use Blooket?

To use the blooket at its full potential, consider doing the following things.

1. Try new changes as a priority

The blooket community actively works on increasing new creative content to sustain the platform’s vision. Whenever the community issues new updates, discover them and try to include them into your teaching systems.

2. Set the frequency of the speed

There is a saying Practice brings excellence. To make students impeccable, it is advised to set the pace based on the bars of the student’s capabilities. The rate acts as a intelligence of urgency and will tend them to contest against the quiz swiftly.

3. Reward the students for better performance

Blooket also rewards students who finish the quiz with a given objective. Further, those gift can be used to solve the best content. Reward the participant who performs better than others. It will not inspire them but also others to anticipate more successfully.

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Top 5 blooket Competitors & Alternatives

We are looking for more choices to cater to teaching and learning in a fun and exciting way.

  • OutLearn

Live Blooket ID Codes

blooket id

Here are the active Blooket ID codes that allow you to play in the official games:

  • 283536
  • 899054
  • 985227
  • 355555
  • 466877
  • 584165

Frequent ask Question

When was Blooket made?

Blooket play, a highly-acceptable online learning platform, was generated by Ben Stewart in 2018.

Is blooket free or paid?

Blooket is free forever but offers various pricing, Plus, and Flex, to experience the tool’s full potential.

How to sign up at Blooket?

The signing-up process is straightforward. Blooket  provides two-way signup disciplines via Google or Email, with no wait time.

How much does Blooket play cost?

Blooket has three pricing plans called “Starter @ free of cost,” “Plus @ $2.99”, and “Plus Flex @ $4.99.”

What is the rarest blook in blooket 2022?

The King is legendary, and the rarest book has a 1% chance of getting one per box.

Is there any site like Blooket play?

Blooket is not the only fun and game-based learning platform in today’s voyage. There are many blooket play alternatives available online. Continue reading to know the blooket alternatives.

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