Relocate your Office

To Relocate your office, you first need a good organization. Recommend to inform the workers, plan the transfer well in advance and make an inventory of all office material.

To carry out the transport of the furniture and the company’s material, hire a company that offers office transfer services.

The company that carries out the moving of companies will be in charge of requesting and obtaining the necessary permits (loading and unloading permits, road occupation permits.)

How to Make the Office Moving Plan?

There are many ways to plan the relocation of a company and its offices. Some steps we recommend when developing an office move plan based on our own experience are:

Plan the dates for the move to the new offices 3-4 months in advance

Inform employees of the transfer and the dates on which it will occur.

Ensure that the new facilities have the basic supplies to carry out work activities (water, electricity, internet connection.)

Clean the new workspace before moving office furniture and equipment

Take an inventory of all office supplies.

Hire the services of a company that deals with the transport, packaging, assembly, and disassembly of office furniture.

Who will Coordinate the Company Move?

The moving company will designate a coordinator who will be in contact with the person in charge of the company; together, they will follow the logistical plan of the corporate transfer based on the needs and requirements of the company.

How Lengthy Organizes it Take to Make an Office Move?

An office move can take planning time, the time needed to transport furniture, and the time spent installing office furniture and equipment can be as long as 4-5 months.

However, suppose we exclude the planning of the move and the organization of inventory and take into account only the physical movement of the offices. In that case, the office move can occur in 1-2 weeks.

The time involved in moving the offices will also depend on the physical location of the current offices and the offices at the destination. For example, if the office transfer is international, the estimated time to do so could be lengthy.

Other aspects to consider to measure the time it will take to move an office are The need for reforms in the new workspace, the installation of supplies, and equipment preparation.

Does the Moving Company Take Care of Assembling and Disassembling the Furniture?

Yes, the moving company in charge of carrying out the transfer and removal of the offices can take care of, in addition to the transport and packaging of the furniture, its assembly, and disassembly. This step will vary as long as the client is requested or necessary to transport office furniture safely.

The body will depend on access both in offices of origin and destination.

If the entrances are spacious and allow the office furniture to move safely, the assembly and disassembly of the office furniture will not be necessary.

If, on the contrary, the accesses are narrow, the furniture must be disassembled, moved, and reassembled in the destination offices.

Can Employees Pack their Personal Effects?

Yes, I suggested that each employee pack their personal belongings inboxes. The moving company will provide identification labels to mark the boxes of each employee and place them in the new destination according to the location plans.

"How to Safely Pack Electronic Devices in an Office Move?

Electronic devices such as CPUs, screens, printers, etc., will be packed with bubble wrap and protected with blankets and cardboard or plastic boxes for proper transport.

Previously, the removal company’s specialized technical and computer team will disconnect the electronic devices and equipment.

The connection and installation of computer equipment after the office transfer may contract.

Can the Office Transfer be Done on the Weekend?

Yes, the office can transfer during the weekend.

It is one of the unique services that we as a moving company offer to our corporate clients during the transfer of offices and companies to guarantee that companies can continue and resume their economic activities in the shortest possible time.

What is the Plan for an Office Move?

The office relocation process is as follows:

Preparation of a master plan where the priorities of the move and the technical and human resources necessary to undertake the company move with full guarantee indicated.

Inform every worker about the timing of the office move to deliver a copy of the logistic manual so that each company worker knows the details of action and the elements are the priority.

The person in charge of the company will deliver the location plans of the new office to move the workstations to their indicated place.

Label each element with marks on the new location.

They are dismantling furniture, packaging personal office effects of each employee, computers, printers, documents, and office files.

On the day of the transfer, we take care of managing the permits and reserving the necessary space for loading tasks.

Other Steps in the Process of an Office Move

Other actions of a logistical nature that we undertake within the plan of an office move are:

Loading in trucks with an elevator ramp guarantees the excellent handling of delicate elements.

Transfer furniture and office equipment to the new location, prioritising the critical elements to start the activity; sensitive computer equipment, printers, servers, etc.

According to the location plans, delivery, placement, unpacking of boxes and furniture, and relocation in their correct place, we have to decide.

We provide file destruction certificates to guarantee confidentiality.

The desolation of useless material and files with sensitive information.

Please verify that all employees have their belongings properly located and that their workstations are operational to start working.


The company’s management decides when is the right time to change business address,but not done unilaterally. Therefore, it is advisable to study the desirability to determine that the location will positively impact the business activity.

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