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CCTV Write For UsCCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. It is a video system consisting of video cameras strategically placed around an area that records images and then sends them to the display screen(s) for real-time display and playback of the images.

Therefore, the CCTV system refers to all features and components that make up the system, such as camera, cabling, video sequence storage (through the cloud or digital video recorder), monitors, access control, and general system management.

You would like to use a CCTV system to increase security on your premises and have key areas monitored at all times. This may be particularly useful for extensive facilities or contain valuable equipment, products, or information.

How Does CCTV Work?


If you need to know the input and outputs of a CCTV system? It’s not complicated, but it varies depending on the type of system you’re installing and the components used. However, the general process is the same.

A CCTV system consists of at least one camera, lens, monitor, and recorder and can be scaled down or smaller depending on the area you want to monitor. CCTV works with a camera or cameras that capture a steady stream of images that are then sent via cable or wirelessly (depending on the type of system chosen) to a recording device and then to a display screen, allowing the person to view the sequence of images as the video sequence. Depending on the type of cameras used, they may also be able to zoom in, zoom out, and rotate 360 degrees.

As mentioned above, many multi-camera CCTV systems have different uses, such as night vision, thermal imaging, and license plate recognition.

The two main types of systems are:

  • Wired: The cameras and the rest of the system are wired.

School surveillance camera

  • Wireless: No cables are needed as the system works through an internet connection.

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