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Google Lens Write For Us

Google Lens Write For Us

A Google Lens is an AI-powered technology that uses your smartphone’s camera and deep machine learning to not only notice an object in front of the camera lens but also to understand it and offer actions like scanning, translating shopping, and more.

Google Lens lets you point your phone at an object, like a specific flower, and then ask Google which objects the camera is pointing at. Not only will you be told the answer, but you’ll also get suggestions based on objects, like nearby florists if there’s a flower.

Other examples of what Google Lens can do include taking a picture of the SSID tag on the back of a Wi-Fi router, after which your mobile will automatically connect to Wi-Fi without you having to do anything else. Yes, you no longer have to hide under the locker to read the password as you type it on your phone. Now with Google Lens, you can literally aim and shoot.

What can Google Lens do?

What can Google Lens do_

In addition to the scenarios described above, Google Lens offers the following features:

  • QR code reading: Lens can read QR codes and provide the corresponding links.
  • Translate: You can point your phone at the text; with the Google Translate connection, you can translate the text right in front of your eyes. This can also work offline.
  • Smart text selection: You can point your phone’s camera at text, then highlight that text within Google Lens and copy it for use on your phone. So, for example, imagine pointing your phone at the Wi-Fi password and being able to copy/paste it into the Wi-Fi login.
  • Smart text search: When you see text in Google Lens, you can also hunt for that text using Google. This is helpful if you have to look up the meaning of a word.
  • Shopping: If you want to see a dress you like while shopping, Google Lens can identify that piece and clothing items. This works for nearly anything you can think of, accessing purchases or reviews.
  • Google Homework Questions: You can scan the query and see what Google has.
  • Look around: If you point the camera around you, Google Lens will detect and recognize your surroundings. It can be details about a landmark or types of food, including recipes.

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