XM Murder machine is the Batman of Earth -44. After Alfred’s death at the arrows of Bane, Bruce generated an Alfred AI with Cyborg’s help that went rascal and fused with Batman to create an unbeatable but amoral new Dark Knight.

The XM Murder Machine is Batman

The XM Murder Machine is Batman

In a flashback on the Dark Multiverse’s Earth -44, Alfred is brutally beaten and slain by Bane and other members of Batman’s rogues’ gallery. The Batman of this world appears to have had an even closer. Bond to Alfred than most established incarnations.  which led him to create an A.I. copy of Alfred’s mind well before his death. And Bruce seeks Victor’s help to bring Alfred’s cyber-presence to life. Once done, the so-called Alfred Protocol repeatedly replicates itself and unexpectedly takes on a self-created mission to destroy all of Batman’s enemies, in a clinically fatal interpretation of Alfred’s concern for Bruce and his yearning to protect him.

Welcome, My Son – Welcome to the Machine

The Murder Machine, therefore, isn’t precisely a mashup of Batman and Cyborg. Instead, it’s more of an amalgamation of Bruce and Alfred, oddly enough. But with Cyborg playing an indirect role in its creation, although he’s later removed from the picture entirely. Upon their initial unveiling, many had presumed the Dark Knights. Each to be some alternate combination of Batman and another prominent D.C. hero or villain. This notion was seemingly confirmed in Batman. The Red Death #1, where the Speed Force merged Batman. The Flash into the singular entity known as The Red Death. However, this issue suggests that the remaining five Dark Knights are also entities more unique than the simple assimilation of two different characters.

The fusion of these two particular mindsets resulting in such a murderous creation is arguably a more compelling idea than the simple joining of two superheroes. It plays into the emerging nature of the Dark Multiverse. Earth -44’s Bruce Wayne is one who’s suffered the violent deaths of two fathers. One conceivably due to his existence as Batman. While the Alfred of this world is shown that he might have willingly crossed moral lines to protect Bruce from harm. The broken, distort histories of the two characters resulting in such a grim outcome highlight. The level of corruptness in the Dark Multiverse if one of the greatest heroes in the Light. Multiverse and his unwavering, emotional co-pilot can be turn into an entity capable of such evil.

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Origin of Batman the Xm Murder Machine

Origin of Batman the Xm Murder Machine

Holy cow, I thought Batman the Red Death issue 1 was superb. This issue of Batman the murder machine takes it up to another level. I’m starting to see a pattern with two tie-ins into the grand story. These alternate versions of Batman have lost people dear to him. And he resorts to a radical solution to save the people left in his life, but in doing so, they fall into the darkness. As far as I can tell, Batman, the red death, is still himself with his friend Barry Allen as his voice inside his head. But this Bruce Wayne, the Murder Machine, he is all gone. The A.I. he created infected his mind and took over, creating a new entity. This Bruce Wayne lost all emotions and began calling the AI his father. That is just so creepy and so well done by D.C.

Comparison Between Batman the Xm Murder Machine

One underlying fact done so well is the comparison between Batman the Murder Machine and Victor Stone Cyborg. If you are a cyborg fan, you are familiar with his battle between humanity and his cybernetic side. Is the machine or a man? Victor stone doesn’t shine in that regard in the justice league pages just because there are much bigger stories to tell, but this tie-in does such a great job hinting at that fact. You get a Bruce Wayne that more or less went through what Victor Stone thought when he was expose to cybernetic machinery. But instead of fighting the Alfred Protocol, Batman, in his grief, gave in to everything that the A.I. was selling. So now we have a battle between a man who won the competition. With his machinery side and a man who gave in.

Story of Xm Murder Machine

The Batman of Earth -44 suffered a poor loss when a group of his adversaries led by Bane. Stormed the Batcave and brutally murdered Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler and father figure, Alfred Pennyworth. As Bruce mourned his death with other members of the Justice League. He asked Cyborg to help him complete Alfred’s Protocol. a digital copy of Alfred’s mind that Bruce wanted to turn into artificial intelligence.

Once completed, however, Protocol Alfred began to react with hostility towards anyone other than Bruce Wayne and soon began killing all Batman’s enemies. Cyborg told Bruce that the A.I. before he could hurt anyone else. But Bruce countered that the A.I. was trying to protect him and wanted to see if he could handle him sensibly as he didn’t want to lose Alfred again.

Unfortunately, Bruce couldn’t stop the Alfred Protocol from assimilating into him and stripping him of his emotions, fears, and humanity as he became a cybernetically enchanted version of Batman. Batman use his new form to slaughter several criminals before turning on the Justice League. Who were no match for his new abilities and were remorselessly kill. Eventually, Earth-44 began to crumble, so Batman contacted. The Batman Who Laughs, who made him a supporter of the Dark Knights and became known as The Xm Murder Machine.


Batman the Red Death issue 1 was superb. However, this issue of Batman, the XM murder machine, takes it up to another level. I’m starting to see a pattern with two tie-ins into the grand story. First, these alternate versions of Batman have lost people dear to him. And he resorts to a radical solution to save the people left in his life, but in doing so, they fall into the darkness.

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