Digital Marketing Software

For a correct digital marketing software strategy, it is essential to have software for digital marketing. The digital ecosystem offers more and more data about customers and leads, but it is necessary to have the right technology to read and analyse it.



Without uncertainty, it is one of the complete automation programs thanks to the fact that it has different modules (sales, marketing, customer service) and a mighty CRM.

In addition, the company that developed it (of the same name) did it to help businesses grow better. Therefore, it also offers a vast library of content, training, and different software plans that adapt to all budgets ( they even have a free functional version).


This software is firstly created only for email campaigns, but it is perfect for offering CRM services and other types of beneficial automation. Nowadays business using CRM software for better management

The reality is that its strength is still the email automation section, which is why it is one of the favourites to carry out intelligent campaigns, send dynamic messages, manage predictive content, and more. Moreover,  something that makes it an affordable alternative to implementation.


It is especially designer for eCommerce. It’s an automation tool that easily integrates with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and other platforms to help you create customer-centric experiences that result in more sales.

Klaviyo allows you to personalise your email campaigns, segment audiences, and approach your prospects based on their interests and behaviours. They have a free plan (up to 250 contacts), and then it increases proportionally to your contacts and sent emails.


Although its name might make you believe that it is just an email automation platform, this technology is much more than that. It has a very easy-to-use interface and a complete artificial intelligence that puts your customers at the center of everything.

Everything creates from a single account, be it an email, a text message, or a landing page.


Part of the Adobe family, this tool is one of the most complete. It is designe for B2-B companies, but it is also functional for B2C and focuses on keeping prospects/customers engaged in the conversion funnel stages, putting sales and marketing on the same page.

For Sale

It is another of the big companies in the world of software. Furthermore, it is a platform that belongs to the Salesforce CRM ecosystem, which immediately makes it the best option if you already use this tool.

It is ideal for medium and large companies and although it also has a plan worth US$4,000 per month that includes, in return: Artificial Intelligence and specialized analytics.


He is one of the newer players, but that does not make him less attractive. It is software that offers a pleasant user experience and connects with all your channels to manage campaigns that speak directly to your users.

Whether by SMS, email, Facebook notifications, or Google Ads, Omnisend is a valid omnichannel tool that allows you to talk to your customers where they are. It starts with a free version, although the best option is the intermediate one that costs US$99 per month.


Sendinblue offers a platform with all digital marketing functionalities in one place. It has structures and functionalities for email marketing, SMS marketing, chat, marketing automation, CRM, transactional email, segmentation, etc.

You can design landing pages for your campaigns. You can integrate a custom signup form on your website to grow your email contact list.

  • Sendinblue provides Facebook Ads features that will help you retarget contacts.
  • For email marketing, Sendinblue offers the ability to design your message, personalize content and optimize sending time using machine learning.
  • Its marketing automation features will allow you to automate marketing and sales processes.
  • For transactional emails, it supports various configuration options such as APIs, eCommerce plugins, marketing automation, etc.
  • The Sendinblue platform will allow you to monitor performance in real-time.
  • You can get a quote for the Initiative edition. The price for others is away in the picture above.


Mapify360 is an app that will help you find unoptimized and unclaimed local businesses in any city worldwide. It is a cloud-based software. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. It’s just a simple 3-step system that will help you get new customers and provide traffic to your doorstep.

There is a massive list of companies that you can help optimize their maps and get more customers.


Best for Medium to Large-Scale Businesses. Actual is more than just marketing automation software; it is a cloud-based platform that helps marketers stay connected with their customers at every purchase stage. In addition, act-On has great reporting metrics that help marketers analyze and evaluate their reports, insights, and campaigns.

It also allows you to do inbound and outbound marketing, drive sales, and check your marketing ROI.


Best for Medium to Large-Scale Businesses. Influence is another digital marketing software and cloud-based platform for email marketing, website tracking, and marketing automation developed by digital marketers for digital marketers. It helps users create complex email campaigns, nurture contacts, and run A/B testing.

In addition, Emfluence helps users plan digital strategy, web design and development, digital tools for optimization, and creating a marketing platform.

Please get in touch with Emfluence for details on actual pricing plans. Your price builts on the number of active contacts you want.


Best for All Kinds of Organizations. Pastel is one of the most powerful digital marketing and affiliate tracking software with high-end integrated solutions to grow your business. It helps you see clearly by managing, measuring, and optimizing marketing performance in real time.

It allows you to do all these tasks in one window. As a result, businesses can have tighter control over their digital marketing with one software instead of using others for different purposes.


These are just some of the software we think is suitable for someone looking for a digital ally. Some with high prices, others with specialized functions, but all with one thing in common, meeting your need to automate marketing processes as soon as possible.

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