The Office Experience Chicago is now open in Chicago at 540 N Michigan Ave (Corner of N Michigan Ave and E Ohio St) on the Mag Mile. Visit Schrute Ranch, stroll the Dunder Mifflin location, and relive Jim and Pam’s iconic romance. The world of The Office will be brought to life with recreations of iconic settings. Original costumes and props, and chances for fans to interact with the show in new ways.

You may not be ready to arrive at your office yet, but you may be tempted to visit the fictional workplace recreation at the heart of The Office Experience Chicago’s newest pop culture pop-up. Develop by the same team that compose “The Friends Experience,” the two-story space at 540 N Michigan Avenue now houses The Office Experience Chicago, which is filled with detailed replica sets of beloved NBC shows, props used on screens, and much more. Photo opportunities that will make you look like a local of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

What is the Office Experience Chicago?

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The television show Office is a beloved American sitcom series that shows the daily work lives of office workers at the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The Office ventilated on NBC from 2005 to 2013 for nine seasons. Reruns can be view on television, online, or on DVD. The Office Experience Chicago (made with The Office fans in mind!) is an interactive tour of sets recreat from the show, featuring 17 rooms filled with original costumes and props.

Here, people can walk through the Dunder Mifflin, and Schrute Farms sets and interact with the settings via photo ops, office games (Dunderball, anyone?), and other interactive components.

Where is the Office Experience Chicago Located?

The Office Experience Chicago is a pop-up attraction currently debuting in Chicago but will travel to other US locations in the future.

Whether you’re a Chicago local or in town to visit Millennium Park, attend a sporting event. Visit one of the many attractions at Chicago’s Navy Pier. Enjoy Chicago’s famous food, The Office Experience is one of the best effects to do in Chicago.

Strategically located on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, The Office Experience Chicago is house in a large two-story building that can be identify by the extensive “The Office Experience” sign posted outside.

The correct address is 540 N Michigan Ave., on the corner of N Michigan Avenue and E Ohio Street, opposite Pandora Jewelry. Due to its downtown location, The Office Experience is easily accessible (and within walking distance) during any Chicago itinerary, even when visiting Chicago in winter.

The Office Experience Chicago Tickets

Tickets for The Office Experience Chicago can be purchase online at (Private access tickets and corporate and private rentals are also available.) You can buy timed entry tickets starting at $37.50 for off-peak hours and $45.00 for peak hours, plus taxes and fees.

Tickets that include a personalized souvenir employee badge start at $47.50 for off-peak hours and $55.00 for peak hours, plus taxes and fees. Children under three years old do not need a ticket if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Additional Planning Tip

Ticket peak times are for all-day weekends, holidays, and non-holiday weekdays starting at 5 pm. m. Low-season ticket time is non-holiday weekdays before 17:00. m.

Are Tickets To The Office Worth It?

If you’re a fan of The Office and familiar with the show. We think the admission price is worth the fun and enjoyment you get from this experience.

Even our kids, ages 10, 13, and 15, loved the experience and the fact that they could. For example, sit at Michael’s table, play their game of Dunderball, and take photos with memorable props from the show.

What do you do at the Office Experience Chicago?

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Upon entering The Office Experience Chicago door, you must present a valid ticket and vaccination card for all party members. You can then walk through the baggage check area and store your belongings at the coat check if you wish. In this area, you will also find a gift shop if you want to purchase a T-shirt or souvenir from The Office Experience.

Climbing the escalator, groups are arrange according to a set arrival time to begin their progression through the 17 exhibition halls.

The experience begins with a recreation of the business park parking lot and continues to Pam’s desk, central office, Michael’s office, break room, Ryan’s closet, wedding chapel, and Dwight Schute’s farm, to name a few.

You can use as much or as minute time as you like in each room reading signs. Viewing properties, taking photos, and interacting with exhibits. Guests can move at their own pace, and the atmosphere is very relax and friendly.

The Office Experience Chicago Review

Earlier this month, Kevin and I spent half a day Friday going downtown and seeing The Office Experience. I just won a ticket on the radio; so random so it was fun for us to make a little date with dinner afterward.

Overall Experience

Getting to The Office Experience is pretty simple. There is a parking suggestion on their website, which we used, and it was perfect. The venue will validate $15 parking for three hours. Otherwise, the event is accessible by city buses and trains. It’s only a 1/2 mile walk from the Metra Electic line that connects to the south and southwest suburbs.

Office Experience Module

The overall experience is linear, you will go through the experiences in a certain order. The team did a great job of keeping the crowd measured and moving so everyone could enjoy the place at the right time. Below are some of the highlights of our experience.

Welcome Video and Prop Room

Your first stop is a short wait outside the welcome video room with a [fictional] map of Scranton, Pennsylvania. It’s great to see where everything is meant to be display while you wait. You will then be taken to a small room with a welcome video read by Dwight Schrute himself.

The Office: Main Room

So much fun walking in the front office door to start this experience! The lights are dim, so this is a low-quality image with high-quality memories.

The room looked exactly like what you saw on the show, AWESOME! The photos are great, but they don’t do the experience firsthand.

Once inside, your first stop is the reception desk. We never imagined ourselves as Jim and Pam, but playing the role was fun.