Algethar academy buffs is a level 70 dungeon in the newly introduced zone of Thaldrass in the Dragon Isles. The closest flight point for Alliance and Horde players is Algethar, Thaldraszus. Head east a short distance after landing until you see the dungeon entrance.

This guide will focus on a broad overview of the dungeon and provide vital information for completing it on all difficulties (Normal, Heroic, Heroic, and Mythic). We will see all four boss fights supported by the most prominent junk enemies in the dungeon and their critical abilities. If you want to know more about other Dragon fight dungeons or the upcoming season of Mythic+, check out our review linked below. Otherwise, without further ado, let’s get started.

Overgrown Ancient Trash

Overgrown Ancient Trash

At the very start of the dungeon, you will take a Wind Gate over to the central part of the island. Here, you will find that the five dragon fights have assembled for the reopening of the school. Your priority is to talk to one of the five Recruiter NPCs, and they will provide you with a permanent buff, the type of which changes depending on which Flight they belong to.

Pick whichever buff suits your class the best; the Green is excellent if you are Tanking, and proceed towards the right-hand stairs.

Once you climb the stairs, you’ll find a garden filled with large flocks of plants and patrolling dragonflies. You can spend much time here doing one or two significant tasks with proper coordination. Most enemies take low damage or are evasive, so if your tank can successfully catch or dodge them, you can collect a large amount of trash in a short amount of time.

Algethar Academy Boss

Algethar Academy Boss

There are four bosses in Algethar Academy, but they can be a brick wall for many m+ groups. I’ll give you a quick second-monitor reference in this guide, but I recommend you check out a video guide to see what each ability looks like before you start your run.

Here is a quick rundown of the significant mechanics for each boss in Algethar Academy:


Soak orbs before they reach the boss and run out when targeted by a mana bomb. Avoid boss frontal (unless you are the tank, then don’t move). After the boss pushes you back, keep moving because you will drop three pools under your feet that will kill you.

Overgrown Ancient

Stack on the tank and rotate around the boss during germinate cast to avoid brown swirls (typically clockwise). Kill seeds and adds when they spawn. Single target burns, interrupt the Ancient Branch, and then get into the green circle when it dies to remove your bleed.


Spread when the boss uses Deafening Screech, and avoid fire swirls and tornados that appear after scoring three orbs. After the boss reaches about four stacks on the screech debuff. You want to throw three balls into the fire goal and then use your damaged CDs. If the boss doesn’t die, throw the three orbs into the air goal after about four stacks.

Echo of Doragoas

Run when the boss pulls you in, and avoid frontal breath. If you get targeted with Energy Bomb and already have two stacks of Overwhelming Power, run to the edge of the room. Otherwise, avoid orbs and get loot.

Location of Algethar Academy Buffs

Location of Algethar Academy Buffs

Algethar Academy entrance can be found in the mountainous region of Thaldraszus. The exact coordinates on the map are /way 58.28 42.35.

Starting Area

As soon as you interact with the keystone and enter the dungeon. You’ll want to jump the gap in front of you using the mobility the wind gives you. It would help if you got used to doing this. As there will be multiple points in the dungeon where this feature will be use.

After jumping across the starting gap, in front of you will be 5 Dragonkin Recruiters from different dragon flights, each providing permanent buffs. Although all of them are useful in their own right, try picking the one that best compliments your spec.

Now, as mentioned before, there are four different bosses in this dungeon. Therefore there are four different routes you can take. Additionally, because there aren’t any graveyard checkpoints in this dungeon, you can expect to return to the starting point whenever you die.

Although there’s no set order in which you must take on the bosses. We recommend starting from the right or the left to make it more convenient. The order in which we will be going through all the bosses will be from the left.

How do I get to Algethar Academy?

Algethar Academy is a high-level dungeon in the Dragonflight expansion. A high-level dungeon cannot be enter until the person reaches the highest character level for development. The closest flight point to the entrance is the Aljithar neutral flight point west of the dungeon.


Although the Algethar Academy Buffs might have a completely different boss rent, the dungeon is smaller. Therefore, how long it takes for you and your party to clear it all depends on how quickly you can take the bosses down and how much you can avoid getting wipe completely.