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Solar Pool Heater Write For Us – Contribute or Submit Guest Post

Solar pool Heater Write For Us

Solar pool Heater Write For Us

Solar Pool Heater Write For Us – A solar pool heating system consists of pumping pool water through a series of tubes, known as solar collectors or solar absorbers, installed on the ground or the roof of a building. Free energy from the sun heats the circulating water and returns it to the pool at a higher temperature.

Solar pool heating systems work impeccably with your pool equipment and are fully automated. You set the desired water temperature on the solar control. And when solar energy is available in solar collectors.

An automatic motorized wave directs the water through the solar panels and returns the solar heat to the pool. This process continues until the pool filtration pumps are turned off for the day or until the desired pool temperature is reached.

How do solar pool heaters work?

Solar pool heaters heat your pool water by pumping it through a filter and circulating it through tubes that transfer heat from solar energy collectors on your roof to the pool water. Many solar pool heaters also include flow control valves and automated sensors.

These components detect the temperature of the water coming from the solar collectors compared to the desired temperature. If the pool water is cool and it’s sunny out, the flow control valve diverts water through the solar collectors, which use the heating panels to warm the water before it’s returned to your pool. Alternatively, if your collection is too hot, the control valves ensure that additional hot water doesn’t enter your pool and warm it up even more.

Top 5 Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

1. Energy Efficient and Low-Cost

Unlike an electric pool heating system, this solar-powered installation will cost you nothing to run. Since these will run on solar power alone, you will not suddenly receive high electricity bills. Sunlight is a clean and accessible resource. You may be spending initially on solar panels, but in the long run, you will soon see a return on your investment. Solar heaters are durable and long lasting, making them a worthwhile investment.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Solar power is a form of renewable energy. Solar pool heaters generate solar power by using solar panels that transfer heat from the sun to your swimming pool. They utilize natural sunlight to heat water, therefore releasing zero carbon emissions.

Solar pool heaters use sunlight instead of gas or oil to power up, which is why solar power is considered a clean energy resource. Going for a solar-powered pool heating alternative, you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint, which is detrimental to the environment. Australia is graced with a lot of sunshine, making this the perfect opportunity for you to use environmentally-sound solar pool heating systems.

3. Easy Maintenance, Durable and Safe

As a swimming pool owner, regular pool maintenance is one of your responsibilities to ensure that your pool remains in excellent condition for a long time. If you cannot regularly do your pool maintenance, having a solar pool heating system is an intelligent choice since solar pool heaters are easy to maintain and have low maintenance.

Solar heating pool systems are also safe and come with a temperature control feature to ensure your pool water temperature is safe. Unlike the other types of pool heaters, solar-powered pool heaters have a more extended warranty period lessening potential maintenance headaches in the future. They also don’t have motors or fans you need to worry about.

Solar power is a tried and tested energy resource for residential and commercial spaces. You don’t have to worry about solar panels breaking down on you, and solar pool heaters can last around 15 to 20 years.

4. Extended Pool Use

If you don’t have a pool heater installed, chances are you won’t use your swimming pool during the year’s colder months. With a solar pool heater installed, you can have that Swim When You Want lifestyle you dreamed of when you first installed your pool. Use your swimming pool as much as you want without worrying about extreme temperatures.

5. Quiet

You may think pool heaters are loud and distracting while you are swimming. Another great thing about getting solar-powered pool heating installed is that you will not hear loud humming noises, which electric or gas pool heaters usually have. You can laze around, relax, and enjoy the peace in your swimming pool.

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