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It is a computer device that stores, distributes, and supplies information. The servers work based on the “client-server” model. The client can be either a computer or an application that requires information from the server to function. Therefore, a server will offer the information request by the client as long as the client is authorized. It can be physical or virtual.

How does a server work?

A server works in two ways, as hardware or physical equipment that is integrated into a computer network, and as software , which refers to the program that runs the device to perform one or more specific tasks.

However, for a server to work correctly, it must be configured according to the client’s requests. That is,  it works in a “client-server” model. The client can be either a computer or an application that requires information from the server to function. It will offer the information requested by the client as long as the client is authorized.

For this reason, it is important that the servers work 24/7, that is, that they are on permanent standby and available to the client who requests their assistance. In addition, they can serve several clients at the same time independently.

The services provide by it are executed continuously. Therefore, most servers never go offline. If it were to go down, it would cause a lot of problems for users. Therefore, the servers are programmed and design to avoid failures.

Types of Server

Within the world of servers there is a great variety. The most used and/or known are the following:


Stores and organizes the content of web pages and provides it to the user through the user’s web browser. Data transmission is usually done using http ( HyperText Transfer Protocol ). The http is responsible for transmitting information from the WWW ( World Wide Web ), establishing semantic and syntactic criteria so that the requesting computer and the one containing the information have a common language in which to communicate. The best known web servers are:


Dns are the Anglo-Saxon acronym for Domain Name Server , although the “S” can also refer to service or space without changing the meaning or function of the server. The domain is the name given to a web page. The DNS server is in charge of relating a domain address ( with its IP addresscorresponding (


It is a gateway server. It is responsible for connecting a client network (web browser or application) with an external system so that the connection request can also carried out, better performance and accessibility.


It takes care of the users’ email flow , allowing emails to be store, sent, received, and forwarded.


The name comes from File Transfer Protocol , also known as file transfer protocol in Spanish. It is use to transfer files between a client and a server. In this way, it can receive files from the client and makes it possible for the files to be download to the clients. To improve speed, SFTP is used which also offers an encrypted security service.

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