RankBrain is a significant part of the Google algorithm that uses AI and machine learning to learn about users and how they respond to the search results, particularly on previously unseen queries. The program watches how people respond, understanding the meaning behind the query and the information people seek.

This technology was developed to help Google process the nearly 15% of queries entered each day that the search engine has never seen before. It was launched in October 2015 and has become the third most important ranking signal. Now, RankBrain is involved in most queries entered into Google.

How Does it Work?

How Does It Work_

RankBrain is responsible for converting countless search terms and keywords entered into the Google search engine into quantitative numbers that machines like computers can decipher and understand.

It uses mathematical operations called vectors and advanced semantic operations to understand people’s search patterns and apply conclusions to future search results rather than being pre-program and written.

In simple words, RankBrain is a system that tries to give search queries a better meaning, understand the true ‘user intent,’ and return the most relevant results to the user.

What Queries are Affected by Rankbrain?

RankBrain was propelled in 2015, it was only used in 15% of all explorations on Google. But, in 2016, when RankBrain started displaying astonishingly good results, Google’s buoyancy in the machine learning scheme initiated to grow. But still, RankBrain doesn’t handle all queries and mainly specializes in queries that aren’t obvious to Google. As Stephen Levy clearly states, “RankBrain may not be involve in every query, but it is present in many queries.”

The logic behind why RankBrain is not involve in processing all queries is elementary: when Google trusts the meaning of a query, RankBrain does not service it. It’s only couse when Google can’t understand a particular query.

Why Did Google Introduce Rankbrain?

‍RankBrain was built to work with today’s complex search queries. With the beginning of mobile devices, voice search, and the increase in long-form keywords, the previous methods of generating search results were not enough.

RankBrain is design to help Google understand the purpose of these complex queries. It use artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the relationships between words and concepts well. It helps Google match user search intent with the most relevant search results.

RankBrain’s primary goal is to progress user experience. The new algorithm is more effective than previous versions at learning from user behavior and making better recommendations for search results.

RankBrain is also very effective at fighting spam and improving the accuracy of search results. Since its launch in late 2015, it has become among the top three Google search ranking signals.

How important is the Rankbrain Algorithm?

In today’s digital world, ranking on top in search engine magnitudes is vital for any commercial that wants to succeed. It is essential to comprehend the importance of RankBrain. Google now uses The artificial intelligence system to understand and process search queries. It is the first embodiment of machine learning used by Google and is essential to delivering relevant search results.

With it, Google can consider user intent when searching, resulting in more accurate results. Official data from Google has specified the importance of RankBrain, mentioning it as the third most significant ranking factor. Generating worth content and using good SEO practices is needed for website owners to rank high in search engine outcomes.

It is necessary to understand that search engines can help you stay ahead of the competition in meaningful ways, as its machine-learning technology will only improve in the coming years. With the right strategies, you can ensure your website is ready for continuous improvements in search results.


Artificial Intelligence has always seen as the next step in technological development, with the introduction of RankBrain into the search algorithms. The SEO landscape will gradually focus on user experience and less on keywords or other traditional ranking signals.

RankBrain is now responsible for billions of search queries and will play an even more significant role in improving the superiority of Google search results in the coming months or years.