preservation evoker mythic+ build  – With the recent release of the Mythic+ dungeons in World of Warcraft, players are looking for the best builds to help them survive and progress. The preservation evoker build is one of the most popular builds for Mythic+ dungeons due to its ability to provide consistent damage output and survivability. This build utilizes a combination of spells and skills from different classes to maximize damage output, survivability, and crowd control. In this article, we will discuss the preservation evoker build in detail, including its strengths and weaknesses and tips on how to make it work for you.

What is the Preservation Evoker Mythic+ Build?

What is the Preservation Evoker Mythic+ Build_

The Preservation Evoker Mythic+ Build is an effective strategy for playing the role of an Evoker in Mythic+ dungeons. This build focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of your crowd control and defensive abilities while providing significant damage output. It is designed to be combined with other forms to create a balanced party composition that can easily handle most Mythic+ dungeons. With this build, you can preserve your party’s health and survive even the most challenging encounters.

The Preservation Evoker Mythic+ Build is a powerful and unique build for World of Warcraft. It is designed to maximize the performance of the Mage class in Mythic+ dungeons, allowing players to take on challenging content with ease. This build utilizes both damage and survivability to ensure that players can stay alive while dealing large amounts of damage. With this build, mages can become an invaluable part of any group composition and make it easier for everyone else to complete their objectives.

Overview of the Preservation Evoker Talent Tree

The Preservation Evoker is one of the most popular builds for Mythic+ players in World of Warcraft. It’s a build that focuses on preserving health and Mana, allowing players to survive longer in tough fights. This build also provides players with increased damage mitigation and crowd control capabilities, making it an invaluable tool for any Mythic+ team. In this article, we’ll examine the Preservation Evoker Talent Tree and its advantages over other builds.

Pros and cons of Preservation Evoker Mythic+

Pros and cons of Preservation Evoker Mythic+

Starting with the pros, look as follows:

  • Extremely helpful in any team composition due to Rewind, Rescue, Hover, and Verdant Embrace abilities;
  • Overwhelming mobility;
  • Decent self-healing talents like Panacea help you survive in battle;
  • Due to Mastery: Life-Binder, your healing is increased if your target’s HP is lower than yours;
  • It can deal significant damage while waiting for healing cooldowns to recharge.

Moving further, we have the following cons to discuss:

  • As a healer, you struggle with the 30-yard spell range;
  • Most of your healing abilities aim at multiple targets;
  • Empowered abilities take quite a long to cast at maximum level;
  • No immunity;
  • Relatively low HP.

Preservation Evoker Gameplay Essentials

Like any other healer, your primary goal is to keep your allies alive throughout a fight. Luckily, you have a broad range of healing abilities and talents that make them even more powerful. On top of that, you can fill your healing cooldown gaps with damaging spells. Of course, it is not your primary role, and this does not deserve a separate Preservation Evoker DPS guide but does not hesitate to throw Fire Breath to deal your portion of the damage.

In most cases, you want to take your time to see how the fight goes for you and your group members before using any strong cooldowns. Try to catch the moment when your allies are maximally close to each other, as your primary empowered abilities, like Dream Breath and Spirit bloom, do their best when players are grouped.

Your following key to success is to use Essence-spending spells wherever possible. We are talking about Emerald Blossom and Echo in particular. You also have to Disintegrate, but it should only be cast when you have extra Essence left with two other spells on cooldown. Finally, use Rewind only when the situation requires it, as it is your strongest yet longest-cooldown spell.

Preservation Evoker Core Abilities

Preservation Evoker Core Abilities

Most of your cooldowns require proper positioning. However, they become mighty if used correctly and timely. As a rule, you do not need to rush to cast game-changing spells. Instead, keep the most vital cooldowns for later and use group-healing abilities to keep your allies alive. Down below, we have prepared a list of WoW Preservation Evoker abilities that will serve perfectly in any situation:

  • Dream Breath: Releases a cone of Green power in front of you and heals up to 5 allies. Can be empowered to increase the healing effect;
  • Spiritbloom: Can be used to either heal a solo target or can be empowered to heal multiple targets (up to 3 players) instead;
  • Emerald Blossom: Another group-oriented (up to 3 players) healing cooldown that works with a 2-second delay. The spell uses Essence instead of Mana;
  • Echo: Not only it heals a single target, but it also empowers your next healing ability allowing you to restore more HP;
  • Verdant Embrace: Can be use to save an ally in a dangerous situation. It is also an excellent mobility tool to change your position in a fight;
  • Reversion: Allows you to heal a solo target over time with a chance of prolonging the healing effect;
  • Living Flame: Not your most potent ability yet can be use to deal damage or heal an ally when other cooldowns are unavailable.

There is also a significant number of Utility abilities for you to use in battle

  • Temporal Anomaly: Absorbs damage dealt to 2 allies. As a bonus, the spell has a short cooldown;
  • Rescue: Can be use to get your partner out of a hopeless situation;
  • Zephyr: Applies movement speed boost to nearby allies (up to 4 players) and allows them to take less AOE damage;
  • Fury of the Aspects: Provides your party and raid members with a significant haste buff;
  • Cauterizing Flame: Removes all Bleed, Poison, Curse, and Disease effects from an ally and heals them;
  • Time Spiral: Resets the cooldown of you and your allies’ specific movement abilities;
  • Blessing of the Bronze – Makes your allies’ movement abilities cool down faster by 15%.

As a healer, you will be of great use for any team composition when clearing a dungeon. This in game activity is your key to becoming more vital. Nonetheless, you heavily depend on other players in a party, as removing a dungeon requires all group members to work together. If you are stress about finding a reliable party yet want to get the best loot, we have you cover. By ordering our Mythic Carry services, you can be sure you will get the rewards you deserve. Our professional players will clear a dungeon of any difficulty for you in the shortest time possible.


The Preservation Evoker specialization is an excellent choice for players who want to combine the game’s healing and damage-dealing aspects. It has a variety of spells to help your allies win even the most brutal fight. Go for it if you wish to bring maximum value to any team composition and are ready to work in a team.

We hope you have learned a lot about Preservation Evoker from this article. Stay with us, as we will keep updating this guide if any changes occur.