[pii_email_3f9311ff3c6ba118fb12] –  Email (e-mail) is one of the most generally used means of communication. Email’s success has grown dramatically over the past decade due to failure. It also simplified the communication process. Many email user accounts are vulnerable to hacking. But for such cyber crimes the security measures are the best. With this in mind it is difficult to avoid mistakes or failures.

pii_email_3f9311ff3c6ba118fb12 error is a recurring error that confuses users. Therefore, the [pii_email_3f9311ff3c6ba118fb12] error may be a work of honor to fix. An email changed the perspective of online communication. It can be used for both formal and informal purposes. You can install files and share media.

What is the error [pii_email_3f9311ff3c6ba118fb12]?

pii_email_3f9311ff3c6ba118fb12 and [pii_email_19c1cd5a30188df30ad1] error is an error code that indicates that Microsoft Outlook mail is not working properly.

This can be a common error for many Outlook users. To some extent, this can be annoying and lead to a frustrating experience. A large number of users find it hard to believe that there is such a flaw.

  • This type of error occurs due to various reasons. To be honest, very few people in the world are afraid of making such a mistake.
  • Errors include a newer version of Outlook, an older version of Outlook, or using a different account. The error can also occur during the installation process of Microsoft Outlook.
  • pii_email_3f9311ff3c6ba118fb12 error can occur when the SMTP server is incompatible. SMTP is a (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), which is a communication protocol for email.
  • It is difficult to understand the source of these errors. The root cause of such errors is mostly unknown. In these method, there is no need to hesitate as other methods can be used to solve the problem.
  • Every problem has a solution in every situation. Below is a list of methods you can use to resolve the pii_email_3f9311ff3c6ba118fb12 error.

Some ways to fix the error [pii_email_3f9311ff3c6ba118fb12]

Reinstall Microsoft Outlook.

There are chances that the version of Windows Outlook running on one’s system is corrupt or out of date. Another possibility is that important application files in the Windows Registry may be damaged or missing. That’s why running an older version of Outlook can do more harm than good.

To ensure that application services are working properly, update the application when an update is available. Removing the version of Outlook running on the system will remove missing or damaged files that are the root cause of the error.

Deleting and reinstalling the program will restore all default settings. You have to update to the new version and fix the error within few minutes.

Use the latest version of Windows

The compatibility of the application with the operating system is fun. Matches are often instant. These two do not go hand in hand with other conditions. In short, they are not completely compatible.

What could be the matter with Outlook? There are compatibility issues that cause errors or crashes. The best option is to downgrade one or two versions of the Windows version of the system. Choose Windows 7 over the new Windows 10. It is harmless to try this method.

Depending on the operating system, it may take some time for developers to develop the application. In this case, updates are provided to make the application compatible with the operating system. Waiting for an update may be an option, but definitely don’t panic with the amount of time.

Contact Customer Service.

Microsoft is also known for providing unparalleled support to its customers. However, the tech giant has a large number of users involved in this important area. If the error doesn’t change after trying several methods, it’s better to contact customer service. Asking experts can be your last resort and the right option.

However, it is important to inform application developers about such errors. So it may be better to file a complaint as it will end with a response to the request. This method also helps the users.


This is the method of Microsoft Outlook error code [pii_email_3f9311ff3c6ba118fb12] which rarely shows errors. This can be one of the most annoying app errors. These tips and tricks can be very helpful in solving such a problem. Such approaches are often effective against these errors.

You can choose any of the above methods to make it easier to fix your Outlook error. We know that mastering this field is difficult, but not impossible.

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