Pet-Friendly High-Tech Gadgets: We’ve long since moved past the days when you could buy a new ball or bowl for your pet, and technology has advanced to the point where your fluffy friends can now enjoy some of the most innovative toys and gadgets available.

These devices are a reality for your pet, much like one of the many cute pet quotes about having pets for life and treating them properly. They will make caring for your pet easier and happier, whether simple or advanced.


Litter boxes have long been an essential part of cat ownership and one that many people wish they didn’t have to deal with; the smell, the constant cleaning, the general messiness are all byproducts of a litter box. The Litter-Robot, on the other hand, is here to change that.

The Litter-Robot, which works similarly to a tumble dryer, has a grate system that tumbles the litter, depositing the undesirable bits into a trash bag underneath and keeping the rubbish as clean as possible. While it is pricey, it is ideal for cat owners who want to upgrade from their old litter box.


Cheerble is essentially a ball that can roll and jump in aspects that will entertain your cat or small dog for hours. You can also program it to do various things, and there are play areas available.

These play areas have corners and shapes to give the ball more movement than before.

Fetch GoPro

The GoPro Fetch is a more straightforward piece of equipment that allows you to attach a GoPro to your pet and view the world through their eyes. You can see where your dog goes and what they like, as well as get some great footage for your videos.


iFetch even though many of us can spend hours playing fetch with our dogs, always seem to want to play for hours longer. Again, while some of us can indulge them, most of us do not have the time; this is where the iFetch comes in.

The iFetch can shoot balls up to 30 feet, and many owners teach their dogs to reload them using the large reloading section. In any case, playing fetch is easier than ever before, with your dog able to play alone as well.

SmartFeeder by Petnet

The SmartFeeder can hold up to 7lbs of food and program via an app. It will drop food based on the time of day, your dog’s weight, and their activity for the day, ensuring they are well fed at all times.

Many pet owners struggle with overfeeding their pets, causing them to gain weight, but the SmartFeeder will always ensure that your pet receives the exact amount of food they require.

Water Fountain with Intelligence

To some, a Smart Water Fountain may seem overkill, yet many animals have difficulty drinking still water and prefer to drink flowing water. The Smart Water Fountain can retain a large volume of water and keeps it circulating softly when it turns on.

The circulation also keeps your animal’s water somewhat clean, which is vital if you have a pet who loves to get dirty outside before coming in for a drink.

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