Padel Tennis is a sport always played in doubles in an enclosed area. It is like a cross between tennis and squash, as the ball can bounce off the glass or metal wall surrounding the court. The game of paddle tennis is usually played outdoors.

Enrique Corcuera invented Paddle tennis in Mexico in 1969 when he improved his squash court to accommodate elements of platform tennis. In the 1970s, a Spanish friend of Corqueira brought swing to Spain, where it is now considered one of the most prevalent sports in the country. Other countries where paddle tennis is successful include Mexico, Argentina, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

How to Play Paddle Ball?

How to Play Paddle Ball_

Padel is only played as doubles, two against two, in competition, and for physical activity purposes as one against one. A paddle tennis court is rectangular, ten meters wide by 20 meters long, usually with an artificial turf surface. The net divides the court in half in the middle of its length in tennis. As in squash, the court is fenced on all sides by walls three to four meters high, which can be involved in the rally.

The game begins with sending “from below.” The ball cannot touch the ground more than once. Of course, volleys are allow, but after landing on the court, the ball can bounce off one or more of the side walls and then continue playing. It often results in long, exciting rallies that are very enjoyable. You rarely see boring duels over the bottom line in paddle tennis, but serves, volleys, and tremendous ball changes are.

Padel Court Size and Walls

Padel Court Size and Walls

If the paddle is like tennis with walls, can you play it in a tennis area if you put up walls around it? The answer is quickly no. A tennis court is about a quarter the size of a tennis court, and the walls needed are not portable.

A tennis court is a rectangle 10 meters wide and 20 meters long. Walls of concrete, glass, or wire mesh surround it. The floor can be cement, concrete, wood, or artificial turf. A net with a maximum height of 33 cm in the mid and 92 cm at the edges divides the patio into two parts. The service area is located 3 meters from the back wall.

Indoor courts with four walls made of glass are becoming popular, but they generally use the same materials as outdoor courts.

Where Was Padel Invented? From Latin America To Europe

Padel is still a young sport that was invent in Mexico. In 1965, the first paddle court in Acapulco was construct by Don Enrique Corcuera.

Lacking space, Corcuera is said to have built a scaled-down version with precisely half of a double tennis court, which would fit perfectly on his property. Because of the smaller field, he also changed the game’s rules and thrilled friends and acquaintances with his new sport.

In many countries of Central and South America, paddle board has already established itself as a trendy and competitive sport. From South America, paddle tennis began its victorious parade to Europe, Spain and Portugal, Italy, France, and Sweden. Padel also thrives in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Padel Rules: How To Play

Here are the Padel guidelines that every player of Padel tennis needs to know.


  • Who serves first is decide by a draw
  • Serve is done by bouncing the ball off the ground and hitting it diagonally into the service box on the opponent’s side
  • The ball must beat when it is at or below the waist level


  • Scoring in padel follows that of tennis: 15, 30, 40, game
  • 40-40 is a deuce

Who Can Play?

People usually ask me, “What is padel tennis? Who can play?” they think it is only for athletic people in good shape, but this isn’t true. Padel is excessive for all ages; it’s not power dominant and provides to ALL levels of play.

With restricted racket skills, players can rapidly engage in dynamic and fun rallies using the court’s surroundings. The sport is always play in doubles, making it a very social activity and, therefore, perfect for the entire family.

It is less physically demanding than other sports; some professional players are over 40 years of age! It is great because you can play the sport at a high level for a long time!

Padel is NOT a power game compare to tennis and squash, which means women can easily play against men more competitively than in other sports. I recommend that young people get involve with this sport as it can significantly help them.


Overall, padel is a fast-growing racket sport I would recommend. It is fun and social, and I predict it will be HUGE in the UK in 5-10 years. Hopefully just as big as it is in Spain. I hope you enjoyed reading and know the answer to “What is padel tennis.”