NovaTechFX is a new online investment platform offering a hands-free automated PAMM trading account with compound interest investment opportunities weekly. NovatechFX has maintained a powerful momentum of weekly gains and has made many investors very wealthy in a short time.

It also offers direct trading options on their platform for skilled trader who wants to trade on their own. The NovaTechFX broker is thought to provide the most significant trading experience in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets while charging ultra-low fees and spreads.

About NovaTechFX LTD


NovaTechFX is a state-of-the-art, high-tech forex and cryptocurrency trading platform. NovaTechFX prides itself on being a company that provides reliable financial trading services and a firm with a clear mission to improve the global community. NovaTechFX’s stated mission is to empower individuals to achieve new financial heights and personal freedom by expanding trading opportunities that open doors to personal success.

The company aims to provide the highest possible level of quality and service concerning the products and services it offers while also striving to create the right environment and culture for the success of its partners. NovaTechFX and its founders believe that a truly successful and sustainable company is built on integrity, superior products and services, and is driven by a knowledgeable, helpful, and caring professional team.

What Novatechfx Offers?

Pamm Account

The PAMM account is an exclusive product that allows investors to earn money without having to trade. You can invest your funds in NovaTech main account to deal with our experienced team of traders. We accept a percentage of our profits from selling your funds as a reward. No experience is necessary.

Mobile Commerce

Full trading on the financial market can be enjoyed by installing the mobile account of MetaTrader 5 for Android or iOS on your smartphone. The mobile app supports all trading features and allows you to monitor your account status, view your trading history, and much more.

Metatrader 5 Platform

Our platform represents an all-in-one concept and offers amazing analytical tools for those who choose to trade independently, including chart objects and detailed analysis of quote dynamics. We have more than 100 Forex and cryptocurrency pairs and more than 80 technical indicators and analytical tools.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Earn commissions through affiliate marketing and form successful partnerships. By sharing our platform with others, you can earn as you build a team and collect a percentage of all fees!

What makes NovaTechFX different?

One key difference is that NovaTechFX has a PAMM account. Their traders do all the work and keep a percentage of the earnings made with your investment, which is passive income at its finest.

Another significant key difference is NovaTech’s tiny entry point to the system. An interested investor can start with as little as $50-$100! Most trading platforms require a $5000.00 minimum.

Novatechfx Ltd Founders and Physical Location

It is essential to know the people you are investing in, and this will give you an idea of ​​what to assume from the company. NovaTechfx provides team member names to ensure transparency.

However, nothing is interesting about this. The CEO of the company is the Reverend Cynthia Petition. On the other hand, the company’s COO is Eddy Petition. Both are involved in a very suspicious company and are the top officials behind the AWS Mining company.

In 2018, the Texas State Safeties Board issued a termination and termination against the company. These are shady people who don’t deserve your trust. Quite a several people have been scammed online, and don’t be the next victim.

Worse, the corporation operates from a very shady jurisdiction. The firm claims to work from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This jurisdiction does not have a consistent regulatory body. Anyone can register a company without even setting foot in the territory. As an effect, it is a haven for fraudulent companies.

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Novatechfx Trading Accounts – Account Types

As said, NovaTechFX has 3 types of plans:

  • PAMM
  • Affiliate
  • Trade-On-Your-Own

Since most customers are interest in PAMM or managed accounts, we will closely discuss plans that come along.

There are 6 membership levels, including:

  • Builder
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • VIP

The critical difference is in the amount of money and services provided, while allegedly, a VIP account also brings cashback rewards. NovaTechFX minimum deposit is $99 for the Builder package.

Watch NovaTechFX Video Review Before Investing

Is Novatechfx A Scam Broker to Avoid?

The first thing you need to know when investing is who your broker is, which means you need to know the owner, location, regulations, and more. When it comes to NovaTechFX, we have to say that it is disappointing.

The broker is owned by NovaTech LLC of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which means it is not license, as the country has no official financial regulator.

However, the company registered two more offices Miami, USA, and Tallinn, Estonia. However, we found no clear link between the US and the offshore entities, while having an office in Estonia means nothing, given the country’s reputation.

What’s Wrong with Novatechfx License?

After reviewing FCA, ASIC, BaFin, even the CFTC, and several Tier1 registries, we found no Novatechfx rule. It means your assets are unsafe, and you cannot guarantee you will be refund.

Potent regulators, as mentioned above, ensure that each investment company has a minimum compensation fund of EUR700,000 for fraud cases.

Novatechfx Login Problems – Signal of a Scam

Agreeing with customers, NovaTechFX login issues are pretty standard. While this sentence sounds ridiculous, it is something that all clients face once they request a withdrawal.

It is a tactic use by forex broker NovaTechFX to deceive clients and suspend their access to funds. If you decide that you have invested enough and it is time to withdraw money, your account will quickly become unavailable due to technical issues, bugs, and the like.

If you experience something like this, please report it immediately. Also, we advise you to avoid unregulated brokers like VisionForex, Stanford FX, or City Index.

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Is Novatechfx A Secure and Regulated Platform?

This broker was founded in 2019 by NovaTech Ltd. The company’s CEO, Cynthia Petition, is one of the top officials behind AWS Mining, another shady trading company. NovaTechFX broker claims that it operates out of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. However, anyone can register a company without setting foot in the territory, which is quite suspicious.

The corporation operates under a very shady jurisdiction with no reliable regulatory body. Since this broker is illegitimate, it cannot provide security for your funds. If the corporation shuts down the website, your money will also be lost.

In addition, we strongly advise you not to invest in fake brokers Capital Forex Live, DGTL Trade, and BullCFD. Do not trade with this unlicensed broker if you want to save your money.

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Available Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms

There is only one NovaTechFX trading platform, and this is the new version of MetaTrader, MT5. Let’s see what it looks like and what devices support it.

MetaTrader 5 Platform – MT5

Even though MT5 is supposed to be an advanced version of MT4, we have certainly noticed that clients are still sticking with the older version. Why is that? Because MT4 has more charts and indicators.

However, MT5 does have certain advantages, such as one-click trading, more order execution, and a closer look at web traders than MetaTrader.

Novatechfx Affiliate Program – MLM Scam

If, after learning that NovaTechFX is regulate and who is behind it, you’re still not sure if it’s a scam company, take a look at their affiliate program.

To become a member, you need pay a minimum of $49.99 and join the so-called “affiliate plan.” With this one, you can also invest, but without any artificial intelligence software or account managers.

The main idea is to bring clients to the company and “earn bonuses as an affiliate.” As an MLM scheme, your friends will lose money to get paid.

Negative Novatechfx Reviews – Broker Washed My Deposit

We noticed when reading NovaTechFX reviews that many clients said that the broker “cleared their deposit.” So, we have to ask ourselves, what does that mean?

NovaTechFX has practically no standard account types, but clients can choose between managed, self-trade, and company-affiliated accounts. However, they call it a “corporate plan,” and you have to choose one as if it were an insurance or retirement plan.

After you select a plan and get started, you may not see funds in your account even though you have made a payment.

The company will claim that they never received any funds, even if your bank statement clearly shows where the funds are. This is what happens when regulation is question as the brokers themselves do.


Novatechfx is not a trusted company. There are too many red flags associate with this company. For starters, the founders have had a grim history. It is always a red flag, and you should run whenever you see something like this.

In addition, the company has no regulatory requirements, and therefore, it cannot guarantee the safety of your funds. The founders registered the company in very shady jurisdictions, and they did this to ensure that they did not have to comply with regulatory requirements.

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