Midland two Grammy nominees, have sought to reintroduce western plains, Laurel Canyon-cum-Bakersfield, and Only Star juke into country music since they met at a friend’s wedding over mutual influences. Their sound describes a post-Urban Cowboy country that vibrates with music fans everywhere. For vocalist/guitarist Mark Wystrach, bassist/vocalist Cameron Duddy and guitarist/lead vocalist Jess Carson, the triple-platinum hit “Drinkin’ Problem” set the stage for their critically acclaimed debuts on On The Rocks. No 1 Billboard Top Country Albums Let It Roll to unite definitive country fans, hipsters, and media containing Entertainment Weekly, G.Q., The Washington Post, Vogue, Esquire, Range, Rolling Stone, and NPR.

Based in Dripping Springs, Texas, the songwriting trio who developed their sound on Tornillo, Texas’ legendary Sonic Ranch, amassed an audience that packed the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show, packed multiple nights at the iconic Worth by Ft. Billy Bob, and reopened the legendary Palomino Club in North Hollywood for just one night. Her third studio album, The Last Resor Greetings From, is the next step in her retro-New journey.

The Midland Radio Promise

midland radio

Wherever life takes you, Midland is there. Every step of the way. For over 50 years, Midland has pioneered two-way radio technology, introducing C.B. radio and 14-channel FRS radio technology to the market. Today, Midland is the leading provider of two-way radios and weather alert radios and an innovator in emergency radio technology.

Based in Kansas City, in the heart of the country, the Midland brand is synonymous with quality, value, and reliability. With products sold at major consumer electronics, sporting goods, outdoor equipment, and many other retailers across the country, Midland Radio Corporation is the U.S. subsidiary of an international group of companies that covers North America, Europe, and Asia.

Midland: The Heart of West Texas

Midland_ The Heart of West Texas

In 1881, the Texas Pacific Railroad started laying railroad tracks between Dallas and El Paso. Halfway between the two cities, the railroad established what was first called “Midway Station.” Since there were already towns in Texas known as Midway, the name was changed to Midland in 1884 to accommodate the procurement of a post office.

Midland County was organized in March 1885, and Midland was made the county seat. The city began to serve as a regional financial center. By 1890 Midland was one of Texas’ vital cattle shipping centers. The population rose to 1,000 by 1900, and Midland was incorporated in 1906.

Today, Midland is a community of more than 100,000. Although petroleum products are still the economic mainstays, the community has a stable, multi-faceted economy.

About Midland Radio

Founded in 1959, Midland Radio Corporation is at the front of two-way radio and weather radio technology. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Midland has provided C.B., FRS, GMRS, weather awareness, and emergency radio technology.

With its well-known reputation among the off-road, farming, camping, R.V., fishing and hunting, skiing and snowboarding, business, and emergency preparedness community, emergency, Midland provide reliable communication for every adventure.

Midland Radio is the premier manufacturer of C.B. radios in the United States. C.B. radios quickly became popular with farmers, truckers, and radio amateurs. The C.B. radio craze would lead to radio’s role in pop culture in the late 1970s.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Midland Radio enlarged its product line with FRS and GMRS radios. Today, Midland offers over a dozen portable radios suitable for any environment.

More Information

In 2016, Midland Radio Corporation said its MicroMobile two-way radio. This radio was planned for those who work and play outdoors. The high-powered radio deals up to 10 times the range of old-style handheld GMRS two-way radios. The MicroMobile has altered how off-roaders and farmers communicate on any terrain or element. The revolutionary radios led to the sponsorship of the 2020 Jeep Jamboree USA Midland Communication. Which replaced the use of C.B. radio for decades. JJUSA participants now need a GMRS radio for trial communication and enjoy the more significant range and voice clearness.

The company would also make its spot in the business world. Midland’s line of BizTalk businesses as we know it today began in 2017. These radios have helped business such as hotels, restaurants, retailers, distribution centers, sub-contractors, and many more to perform their jobs safely and efficiently.

Midland Radio products are sold at major consumer electronics, sporting goods, outdoor specialty stores, and many other retailers nationwide. It also offers its products online at midlandusa.com, Amazon, and other leading e-commerce sites.

Midland University

midland univercity

Founded in 1883, Midland University offers relevant chances in more than 30 academic fields, 16 graduate programs, and a wide range of professional study programs at our Fremont and Omaha locations.

It aspires for students to grow and study in their college careers. But the Midland skill goes beyond the classroom walls. Through athletics, the arts, and student organizations, students build memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.

Working from the market, can equip students with the services they need to succeed in the world and provide them with dynamic and innovative learning experiences on their way to university.

College of Health Professions

Careers in health professions are exciting, diverse, and in high demand. The Health Professions College helps you catch your way to a occupation in a health profession by creating many academic pathways with a basis in a holistic liberal arts education. Small class sizes and a dedicated teaching faculty give students the hands-on attention they need while developing skills in high demand in the industry. With courses emphasizing critical thinking skills and active learning, students gain hands-on experience through clinical and laboratory practice.

Students receive the resources and information they need to explore various healthcare professions. The Health Professions College also supports students preparing for graduate programs such as athletic training, medicine, dentistry, nursing, physician assistant, optometry, pharmacy, and other related professions. Faculty and counselors help prepare students to enter career schools by providing opportunities to explore interests, abilities, and goals.

Luther College of Arts and Sciences

Luther College of Arts and Sciences (LCAS) signifies the foundation for a comprehensive liberal arts education at Midland University. The academic disciplines and faculty at LCAS carry on the tradition of examining the big questions and fundamental truths that have been at the heart of Midland’s curriculum since the institution’s founding in 1883.

Luther College of Arts and Sciences is the primary academic field at Midland University. Offering 12 distinct majors, several interdisciplinary majors, and numerous certificates in the humanities, social sciences, arts, and mathematics.

Courses at Luther College of Arts and Sciences play a vital role in Midland’s DRIVE program. They focus on intellectual growth and the progress of essential skills. Including critical thinking, cross-cultural awareness, analytical reasoning, research, information literacy, and self-expression. These foundational courses prepare students to thrive in an gradually complex world.

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Our mission since 1932 Midland Core Principles and Values

Midland has grown and evolved in many ways in the nine decades since our founding, adding campus infrastructure, admitting young women in the early 1970s, and refining our program to become increasingly on-site as an experiential learning placement. However, our core principles and values are the roots from which we continue to grow and thrive. Simplicity; assessing our needs and wants; Environmental Protection; meaningful connections between students, teachers, and the ideas they study; and accessibility to families of all economic means.

practical learning, Experiential and place-based education

Enter Midland Farm and Garden to learn more about genetic variation or soil chemistry in biology. Take a walk in the hills to study the jewel flower in field ecology or the Pacific Ocean to learn about the intertidal zone in marine biology. Spend sunny days weaving grasses, stacking rounded creek stones, or layering shiny leaves to create harmonious natural masterpieces in Foundations Art.

only in the midland Horses, rides, farms, and more

Only in Midland do students live in charming cabins, chop wood, make campfires, eat crunchy watermelon and delicious strawberries straight from the garden, and traverse campus with their favorite canine companion.

Midland Sevices

midland services

As a strong and growing diversified financial services company, we strive to offer our customers world-class service. We are more than a midland bank our shareholders a successful business, and our employees are fulfilling careers in which to grow.

Midland has grown and spread into a unique financial services company from our humble beginnings as a single-branch bank in Effingham, Illinois. Today, Midland serves consumer, business, and enterprise customers with a full range of services:

Midland retail

In addition to convenient locations, we have expanded our services recently from traditional checking. Savings, and loan accounts to how our customers want to do corporate – from mobile devices. Now you can deposit checks, transfer money, pay bills, and contact loan accounts quickly and easily from your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Anytime, anywhere.

Midland Mortgage

With our expertise in mortgages and a particular focus on our entire market. It offer a wide variety of mortgage options to meet your needs. Whether buying a first home, refinancing, or building your dream home. Our friendly and knowledgeable mortgage specialists will be with you every step.

Business and Commercial

Our corporate and business banking division skilfully handles loans and accounts of all sizes. We understand that all businesses face different chances and challenges. With a solution-focused commitment, we are loyal to providing you with the best financial package through our personalized lending services and a wide range of deposit products. As technology has progressed, so have our facilities and ability to provide businesses with the necessary resources.

Wealth management

Wealth Management is a team of trusted advisors faithful to helping you achieve your financial goals. Guiding you to personalized solutions specific to your needs. We act in a fiduciary ability, so you can enjoy the confidence of having your assets managed by reputable. Independent professionals who provide unbiased recommendations and expert advice.

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