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marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is a long-term plan to achieve a company’s goals by understanding customer needs and creating a different and sustainable competitive advantage. It includes everything from determining who your customers are to deciding which channels you use to reach those customers.

Importance of Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing strategy gives an organization an edge over its competitors.
  • A strategy helps develop goods and services with the best profit-earning potential.
  • Marketing strategy helps to discover the areas affected by organizational growth and thus helps to plan the organization to meet customers’ needs.
  • It helps determine the correct price of the goods and services of the organization based on the information gathered through market research.
  • The strategy ensures effective departmental coordination.
  • It helps an organization to make the most of its resources to deliver the sales message to its target market.
  • A marketing strategy helps to decide the advertising budget in advance, and it also develops a method that determines the plan’s scope, i.e., the revenue generated from the advertising plan.

In short, marketing clearly outlines how an organization will reach its predetermined objectives.

Advantages of a marketing strategy

Marketing strategy can have a measurable impact on success. For example, in 2022, reSchedule surveyed 3,599 marketers and bloggers to recognize their most successful marketing practices. They found that marketers who accepted their marketing strategy were 331 percent more likely to be successful than those who did not. Additionally, the most organized marketers were found to be 674 percent more possible to report success than those who were not.

How to Develop a Marketing Strategy

When generating a marketing strategy, choosing the specific tasks, the organization will focus on to increase sales is essential. A good strategy should have these elements:


A company’s target market falls into different segments. A company can identify features and use its market data to classify customers based on their needs. The pieces created should consist of customers with similar interests and conditions or who reside in the exact location and who will respond similarly to the company’s marketing strategies.

Targeting and Positioning

Targeting involves identifying the smartest segments in the target market and planning marketing activities to make that segment attractive. The piece chosen should be the most profitable for the business. The products or services offered to the part must meet the needs and expectations of the customers in the target segment.

Positioning is the final step in the segmentation, targeting, and positioning procedure, and it focuses on competing products to gain a competitive advantage in the market. The company must assess its competitive advantage in this segment and plan to position itself as the most attractive option in the minds of consumers.

Promotion Tactics

Promotion strategies are activities that direct how an organization promotes products or services. Companies use the process to ensure that the target audience is aware of the product or service and how the product offering can meet their needs.

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