JPG file to a PDF file

Follow these steps to convert an JPG file to a PDF file, which includes PNG and JPG formats, to a PDF online:

Click the Select a file button at the top or drag and drop a file to the designated area.

Select the image you need to convert to PDF.

After you upload the image, Acrobat automatically converts the image file to a PDF.

Download your compressed PDF file or sign in to share it.

What is a JPG File?

It is the most communal type of photography file in the digital business. The industry is also in our life since most users of digital cameras and images that circulate on the Internet encrypt in this way.

It is the term coined by the Joint Photographic Experts Group, a group of experts that created the. Jpg, an image compression format, both colour, and grayscale, with high quality.

Applying a compression algorithm based on two visual phenomena of the human eye, depending on light and brightness. Furthermore, it should not be disorderly with other formats, such as .gif and .png, which are more optimal for image processing.


What is a PDF File?

The PDF format (Portable Document Format, portable document format) grew by Adobe Systems Incorporated in 1991, based on its PostScript printing standard.

PostScript is a page description language whose original idea was raised in 1976 and was implemented by Adobe after the company found in 1982. PostScript used a specific language to describe an image for printing on external devices, so it was a standard used by printers and printing houses.

For the PostScript display, Adobe created software designed for that purpose, called Adobe Illustrator (initially compatible with Macintosh and Windows platforms).

With the gradual improvement of both products (PostScript and Adobe Illustrator), the PDF file format would develop, initially called IPS (Interchange PostScript, PostScript interchange).


How to Change a JPG to PDF on Windows?

In Windows, we will not need Adobe Acrobat or any other program. Instead, we will look for the JPG and open it by double-clicking. Then, we will select the “Print” option in the three points on the top right. And in the drop-down menu of the printers, we will choose “Microsoft Print to PDF.” Then, it only remains to decide which folder our new PDF will download.

How to Change a JPG to PDF on macOS?

If we are macOS users, we can also use a straightforward trick. We look for the image we want to convert and open it with the default application, Preview. There will be the option “Export as PDF within the File menu.” It also allows you to select the PDF size and its orientation.

How to Convert a JPG to PDF with a Program?

There is also the option of using a photo editing program. A popular free and open-source one is Gimp, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The method is very simple, similar to the two explained above. You have to open the photo with Gimp and export it. Unfolding the menu below, we will find the PDF within the many file types.

How to Change a Jpg To Pdf on Android and iPhone?

As with computers, on smartphones, we can use different methods. For example, mobile-optimized versions of grand image retouching suites are available. And if we dive into the App Store and Google Play, we will find many apps, free and paid.

Apart from that, there are also native ways to do it. On Android, for example, from the Gallery. We open an image and click on the three points, top right. Then, in the drop-down options, select “Print.” And instead of an online printer, we tapped on “Save as PDF.”

It’s also straightforward on an iPhone or iPad. First, we go to the Photos application from the mobile device iOS that we use. Then, once the image chose, we click on “Share.” There we will select “Print” and, after clicking on the image again, “Share” again.

Convert a Jpg to a Pdf Using Free Online Tools

If we do not want to complicate ourselves too much, using an online converter will be the best. One of the best known is ILOVEPDF, which stands out for its simplicity and versatility. Its JPG to PDF section converts between formats, allowing us to adjust orientation and margins. You can also upload the image from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Another smart option is a Small pdf. A friendly interface will allow us to convert JPG to PDF by adjusting orientation, margins, and even font size. One of its compensations is that it can also install a Google Chrome extension.

And since they are the original creators of the format, it would not be good if we forgot Adobe here. From the outset, it allows fewer options than the previous two. Despite this, its online conversion tool is high-speed. For them, too, “the highest quality.”

How to Merge Multiple JPG Files Into One PDF?

Knowing already how to convert them, we may be wondering if there is an option to join several JPG files into a single PDF. Until a few years ago, this operation could have been somewhat complicated. But today, yes, there is. And it is also straightforward.

In both Small pdf and ILOVEPDF, we will follow the previous method strictly. We will open or drag several JPGs at once instead of one. Another website that allows us to do this is Online2PDF. It has a slightly less eye-pleasing interface, but it supports up to 20 images at a stretch.

We can’t resist any JPG to PDF conversion with all these tricks. So instead of sending a string of images of our vacations by email, we can surprise family and friends with an excellent PDF presentation. They sure appreciate it!


For Windows 10 users, the built-in Microsoft Print to PDF is an excellent option to convert JPG to PDF. For Mac users, you can use the Performance app. On both iOS and Android phones, the Photo Library app makes JPG to PDF conversion available. Last but not least, you can use Eased JPG to PDF free online converter on all these systems and devices as long as you have an internet connection.

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