The company’s lineup for 2018, particularly the iPhone xs golf and XS Max, delivers on that promise: they’re the smartest, fastest and best iPhones we’ve ever seen. But at this point, buying an upgraded iPhone is like buying a new Ferrari you’ll find a faster engine, a fresh coat of paint and a few new bells and whistles, but underneath it, all is still the same car as you. I could have bought it last year. And just like that new Ferrari, those new iPhones will cost you dearly.

What to Expect from the iPhone Xs Golf and XS Max

The inner workings of the iPhone xs golf and iPhone xs golf Max are nearly identical. They each get a 12-megapixel camera, better-sounding speaker, and the ability to fit two SIM cards into a single device—a definite bonus for international travelers or anyone else. Person. Who have to switch between an apparatus for work and one for personal use.

The phones feature Apple’s new A12 Bionic chip, which supports complex augmented reality applications and speeds up facial recognition and game loading. Apple upped the speed of these new phones when it announced its product, and they are fast. But so were the models that preceded them.

Features of iPhone Xs Golf

Features of iPhone Xs Golf

The most advanced iPhone yet features a 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch full-screen design with a powerful A12 Bionic chip and an innovative dual-camera system

Cupertino, California  Apple today announced the iPhone xs golf and iPhone xs golf Max, the most advanced iPhones ever, taking the vision of the future of smartphones to a new level. The 5.8-inch iPhone xs golf and 6.5-inch iPhone xs golf Max feature stunning Super Retina displays, an improved and faster dual-camera system that delivers revolutionary photo and video capabilities, the first 7-nanometer chip in a phone – the next A12 Bionic chip – Generation Neural Engine: faster facial recognition, more expansive stereo sound, a beautiful new gold finish, and the introduction of dual SIM in iPhone.

Two Full-Screen Layouts

The iPhone xs golf and iPhone xs golf Max build on the full-screen design of the iPhone X and deliver the sharpest displays with the highest pixel density of any Apple device. This Super Retina displays with a custom OLED design, now available in 5.8″ and 6.5″1 size. Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10, and features system-wide iOS colour management for the best colour accuracy on the go. iPhone xs golf and iPhone xs golf Max deliver a million-to-one contrast ratio with remarkable brightness and true blacks while displaying 60% more dynamic range in HDR photos. In addition, the iPhone xs golf Max provides a more immersive experience with over 3 million pixels for videos, movies and games. It offers the giant screen ever seen on an iPhone at a size similar to iPhone 8 Plus.

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Next Generation A12 Neural and Bionic Engine

The most innovative and most powerful chip in a smartphone. The Apple-designed A12 Bionic features the first 7-nanometer chip in a smartphone, delivering maximum performance in a more energy-efficient design. A12 Bionic features a six-core meld architecture with two performance cores up to 15% faster. Four efficiency cores up to 50% more efficient, and a quad-core GPU up to 50% faster. , designed by Apple. Image Signal Processor (ISP), Video Encoder, and additional. A fast storage driver can provide iPhone storage up to 512GB. All of this opens up new experiences for gaming, photography, video editing, and graphics-intensive applications. Despite all this performance, the iphone xs golf lasts 30 minutes longer than iPhone X, and the iPhone xs golf Max lasts an hour and a half longer than iPhone X between charges.

Innovative 12 MP Dual Camera System

The iPhone xs golf continues to innovate photography, things that weren’t possible before the iPhone. Features like advanced depth segmentation with the Neural Engine. Smart HDR that creates photos with high dynamic range and beautiful image detail, improved bokeh quality in Portrait mode photos, and depth of field dynamics that the user can adjust in the Photos app are all significant improvements. In addition, in the booth – State-of-the-art photo techniques that anyone can use.

The 12-megapixel dual-camera system features dual optical image stabilization with 2x optical zoom, while a new sensor is twice as fast. Smart HDR creates photos with more detail in highlights and shadows. In addition, more extensive, deeper pixels improve image fidelity and low-light performance.

Advanced Technologies

Face ID, the safest smartphone facial authentication system is ever seen, is now faster. The TrueDepth camera system uses precise depth-sensing technology that goes far beyond the capabilities and security of 2D face scanners, allowing users to unlock their iPhone, use Apple Pay, access secure apps and many more features. With a single glance.

iPhone xs golf and iPhone xs golf Max feature Gigabit-class LTE for even faster download speeds4 and dual SIM5 through a Nano-SIM and a digital eSIM.

With Ios 12

The iphone xs golf and iPhone xs Max come with iOS 12, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. iOS 12 hosts new AR experiences, helps people rediscover and share photos, and makes communication more impassive and fun with new Animoji and Memoji. In addition, screen Time helps customers understand and control the time they spend interacting with their iOS devices.

Should you Buy an iPhone Xs Golf or XS Max?

It can be hard to think about a new iPhone’s earnings of almost a thousand dollars or more. Although Apple has quietly discontinued some of its cheaper devices. Including the iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, and iPhone X, it still sells two older models, the iPhone 7 ($449) and iPhone 8 ($599), at prices cheaper if you want a backup device without splurging for the XS line.

If you’re not looking for another iPhone, can’t afford one, or can’t spend the money. Consider improving your existing software to iOS 12 to make it feel like new again. For example, try the new Screen Time tool that tracks how possessed you are with your iPhone. (It grabbed me less than two hours to realize I was accessing apps like Instagram too often.) The feature also allows you to set timers to use specific apps.

The Best Tricks with the iPhone Xs Golf and Xs Max

Apple is surprised with the iPhone xs golf and Max; they have new features such as the creation of unique emojis. New gestures and button use and new camera utilities that allow options that could not be reached previously. We leave you some tips to get the most out of these models.

The new iPhone xs golf and XS Max models and their accessories. Which Apple presented at the Apple Event a month ago, are selling very well. Its powerful processors, large bezel-less display, design inherited from the iPhone X, and new camera features have prompted many people to take the plunge and trade their phones for the most powerful iPhones. Also, one of the most anticipated as we saw in our mobile launch schedule.


Set Up Face ID

Set Up Face ID

The new iPhone xs golf and iPhone xs have unique security and an unlocking system called Face ID. Apple has replaced Touch ID in favour of this new technology that uses thousands of points on our faces to identify us perfectly.

As a general rule, the Face ID configuration is done during the initial configuration process. Still, if we want to do it or activate it at any time, we can do it from Settings> Face ID and code> Configure.

Once the Face ID is configured and if we want to unlock the iPhone xs. We have to make the best choice up the iPhone and look at it. We will observe that the padlock on the screen is unlocked and will be enough to slide our finger from the bottom to the top to use it.

Create a Memoji on iPhone Xs Golf

Once we have configured the Face ID, we can use the famous emoji that Apple has prepared for us in the Apple messages application. Or even better, create our own called Memoji. To do so, we will have to open the iOS messages application, click on the application drawer and select Animoji. If we slide to the left, a + button will appear this time, with which we can create our personalized avatar.

New iPhone Xs Golf and iPhone Xs Max Gestures

If we had an iPhone X, we could say little about the gestures to use it. But if we come from an older model (iPhone 8 or lower). We will wonder how to use the iPhone now that it does not have the Touch ID button. A “Home” button helped us both to return to the main page or do many other things. Which has disappeared in exchange for a borderless screen that occupies the entire terminal.

Exit an Application

iPhone xs golf and iPhone xs Mac do not have a physical button. In its replacement, Apple has placed a bar-shaped icon at the bottom of the computer. So to exit an application, we will have to slide from that lower bar upwards to close the application in which we are.

Get into Multitasking

Similarly, suppose we diagonally slide our finger from the lower left corner to the right. In that case, we will enter multitasking, from where we can click on any open application or close it by moving it up.

See Control Center

To access the control centre, you can activate the flashlight. Manage the terminal connections, adjust the screen’s brightness, or always use low consumption mode. We will have to slide our fingers down from the right side of the screen.

See Notifications

If what we want is to see the notification centre. It will be enough to slide our finger from the centre of the screen. To see all the notifications that we have pending in a grouped way.


Apple has announced three new phones, the iPhone xs golf, iPhone xs Max, and  XR. Strange names for devices that are very familiar this is how we could define them after having tried them at yesterday’s event. It’s not like it’s a bad thing per se, but not everyone will see it the same way. For those who are going to leap and want to buy the new iPhones, we have information and a few recommendations to keep in mind in case you do not want to screw up when choosing a model or in case you think that the three phones are launched at the same time.

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