What is Investing Com?

Investing com is a financial markets stage providing real-time data, quotes, charts, financial tools, breaking news, and analysis on 250 stock exchanges worldwide in 44 language editions. With over 21 million monthly users and over 180 million periods, Investing com is one of the top three global financial sites, according to SimilarWeb and Alexa.

With over 300,000 financial tools covered, Investing com offers free access to cutting-edge financial market tools such as real-time quotes and alerts, custom portfolios, personalized alerts, calendars, calculators and financial information.

Founded in 2007, Investing com is the definitive source for financial market-related tools and information, including real-time figures and streaming charts, up-to-date financial news, technical study, broker directories and listings, economic calendars, tools, and tools calculators. This site provides detailed information on currencies, indices and stocks, futures and options, commodities, exchange rates, and bonds. With a rising readership worldwide, Investing com is an important global financial portal continuously committed to rolling out innovative features and units to ensure an optimal one-stop source for its readers.

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Is investing com Free to use?


Yes, it is investing. Com is completely free to use, although there are limitations. The free version of Invest. Com contains many ads, which can distract severe investors and analysts. To fix this problem, the platform can disable all ads for a better experience. To get the ‘ad-free version,’ you have to pay a small fee. It is the only fee that the platform charges users. The cost for the ad-free version varies from country to country.

Can I open a trading account with Investing com?

Investing com is an online data and news website that provides financial information, not trading services. Our services are offered free of charge, and we do not provide investment advisory services. To clarify, we do not deal with any investments, deposits, or withdrawals.

If you are interested in trading, please look at our Brokers page, where you can find information about regulated brokers offering trading services.

Even though a broker company is advertised on our website, we cannot confirm whether this broker is trustworthy and trustworthy. We can only guarantee untrustworthy brokers that appear on our broker blocklist.

We recommend you read reviews about this brokerage company online and on the Internet to learn more. Investing com does not and cannot assume any responsibility for the company’s misconduct. If you are offer to participate in any Investing com investment scheme, we advise you NOT to accept the offer and contact us immediately.

Services of Investing com


Investing com lists valuable information for over 300,000 asset classes, including stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, bonds, funds and interest rates, ETFs, futures, and options. Each asset class has subcategories and suggestions with the most traded and popular picks.

Let’s say you are interest in Apple’s stock. The dedicated page includes all features, including real-time pricing, historical data, options, financial and technical analysis tools, updates, charts, and more. It also features a live feed of user comments on the particular instrument.



This section is one of the most visited on the site. It displays all ideas and articles that can be filtered by asset class, relevance, and popularity. Most of the pieces are short and to the point. That way, day traders can get to the bottom of things quickly and smoothly.

New updates are post every few minutes, making Investing com one of the best places to track the current state of the market. Plus, you can make sure you never miss any new relevant information via customizable alerts.


Investing com’s analysis section includes the opinions and insights of leading authors. Think of it like the opinion section of the site this section features analysis from well-known niche leaders, CEOs, and active traders. While the News section helps you keep up to date with the latest financial market developments, the Analysis section provides tips on how to play them.

The categories section can divide into subcategories, including market overview and specific analysis by type of asset class. You can also take advantage of the Editors’ Choice subsection. Where you will find information Investing com’s editorial team has discovered valuable and recommends to its audience.


According to the team behind the site, this section can also develop to provide readers with the basic financial terms they need to know. And to be fair, we have to say that if you’re looking to improve your operations, this is a abundant place to do it. Investing com’s Educational section includes a wealth of informative content in a variety of formats.

You’ll find listings of live and recorded on-demand webinars, free eBooks. A schedule of upcoming finance conferences and conventions, educational articles and trading strategy guides, and much more. Content is accessible in a way that is easy to know and always to the point.


Investing com has a lot to offer for those interested in this highly popular asset class. In addition to specific price information and trading statistics, the site also has an ICO calendar and a cryptocurrency converter.

Users can also explore the list of cryptocurrency brokers. Including the opinions of the Investing com team and the advantages of each service provider. There is also a section with market updates that lists all the latest developments in the niche market.


Investing com is consider the most popular financial site in the world. It offers a lot of helpful information and tools available for free. You will get excellent data on world markets and various asset classes. Calendar and timing of economic events, in-depth analysis, and information from the website.

However, if you dig deeper, you’ll find complaints about the site’s performance and, more importantly, its support service (see the reviews on TrustPilot, for example). Investing com is mainly free to use, but the number of ads on the website is relatively high and sometimes annoying.

Since we do not like a one-size-fits-all approach, we recommend doing additional research and finding out how Investing com works based on your day trading strategy needs and investment goals.

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