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A developer is an individual responsible for creating or working on developing a product or service. Most developers use one or more programming languages to build their products or services, and they may work alone or on a team and develop part of or all of a product or service. Companies like Microsoft and Oracle employ many developers due to the complexity of the products and services they produce and sell to customers.

How to Become a Developer?

Professional developers are among the most sought-after technology professionals in the workforce, with high demand and a talent shortage generating huge salaries for many people working in the field. Software development is an active field where new programming languages, frameworks, and technologies can live and die in a few years, and job requirements are constantly changing.

We have compiled the essential facts and resources to help those interested in this field better understand how to start a career in development.

Different Types Of Developers

Frontend Developer

Frontend developers specialize in visual user interfaces, aesthetics, and layouts. They work to create web applications and websites while their code is executed in web browsers and on the computers of site users. Its role is focused solely on understanding human-machine interaction and design rather than theory. His expertise includes User Interface Design (UI), User Experience Design (UX), CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and UI Frameworks.

Back end developer

Backend developers specialize in designing, implementing functional logic, and performing systems running on remote end-user machines. A website’s backend consists of servers, applications, and databases, and backend developers help create and maintain these components. By doing this, they allow the user side of the website to exist. His development skills are in Java, C++, Ruby, Python, Scala, and Go.

Full stack developer

Full-stack developers do both frontend and backend work for a site. They have the necessary skills to create a fully functional website. Becoming a full-stack developer will open up more opportunities for you, as they work both on the server and the client side. Full-stack developer skills will consist of a combination of frontend and backend developers. Full-stack developers should be able to configure Linux servers, write server-side APIs and client-side JavaScript to power applications, and focus on CSS design.

Mobile Developer

Mobile developers write code for applications that run on mobile strategies such as tablets and smartphones. He only gained popularity after the advent of mobile devices in the early 2000s and the growth of the smartphone market. Mobile developers understand mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android and the environments and frameworks used to build software on these systems. They have a wide range of development skills, such as Java, Swift, Objective-C, application programming interfaces, web development languages, and cross-platform mobile suites.

Game Developer

Becoming a game developer is very demanding and complicated. They specialize in writing games and have the specific knowledge and skills to design engaging, interactive gaming experiences. Game developers use frameworks such as DirectX, OpenGL, Unity 3D, and WebGL and programming languages ​​such as C, C++, and Java. On mobile devices, Swift and Java are used for iOS and Android games.

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