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Data Robot Write For Us

Data Robot Write For Us

Data Robot is an automated machine learning stage that enables companies to build and deploy machine learning models and build advanced AI applications with AI and ML experts. The platform leverages best practices and security measures to accelerate and scale existing and new data science capabilities. In addition, Data Robot provides companies with specialized AI and ML training and services through a dedicated team of AI architects, business consultants, and system architects.

Who’s using Data Robot AI?

Panasonic. Deloitte. Debt tree. Harvard Business School. Blue Cross Blue Shield, and more. All these companies understand that AI and machine learning can improve their productivity, gain actionable insights with better ROI, understand their customer base and deepen customer relationships, and win new business in a competitive landscape. can help But why have they chosen an automated product to demystify their big data?

Two Big Reasons: Access and Efficiency

First, there isn’t enough data science talent to go around. By some estimates, technology companies Google and Facebook employ 80% of machine learning PhDs entering the market. And the data science talent pool will shrink even further. Companies are so hungry for qualified staff that they are advising AI professors to stop teaching and go into the private sector, setting the stage for even more serious shortages in the coming years.

Second, automated machine learning is faster, without sacrificing results. This allows companies to be more agile, analyze faster and adjust to changing conditions. And that means companies with incredible AI teams will also benefit, as Data Robot takes its time to focus on innovative ways to add value.

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