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Convert PDF to DOC files online for free. Powerful free online PDF to DOC document converter is easy. There is no need to install desktop software like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, or Adobe Acrobat. All conversions are done online from any platform: Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. We do not need registration. This tool is free

Documents have significant importance in daily life. A copy can be a personal record, a company report, or a thesis study for present and future use. In addition, most documents written are valuable for storing and creating references or notes. Also, considering the papers’ importance, it is essential to select the appropriate file format. When you work in any word dispensation submission like Microsoft Word, you get many format choices to save your file. However, DOC and PDF are the broadly accepted arrangements.

The characteristics of these specific formats and their ability to edit documents pay to a significant contrast between PDF and Word Docs. PDF has a limited ability to edit any document. On the other hand, word DOC provides many editing features, from modifying large text sections in Word format to changing the font style, font size, flow between pages, and much more. Therefore, the ability to alter the file makes the Doc format highly recommended.

Convert a PDF file to DOC using Adobe Acrobat

When you want to convert simple, scanned, or image PDFs into Word documents, “Adobe Acrobat” is one of the options. Even in complex layouts, the original formatting preserves when converting PDF to Word Docs with Acrobat. No need to waste time altering text and graphics.


1: First of all, open the necessary PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.

2: Select the “Exportation PDF” from the available options present on the right side.

3: Select the format for conversion. In our situation, it is ” .Doc”:

4: Now, click on the “Convert” key to allow this app to convert the PDF file.

Convert a PDF file to DOC using Microsoft Word

Microsoft’s built-in tool “PDF Reflow” allows users to convert their PDF files into Word documents easily. Please refer to the method below for this conversion:


1: Open the Microsoft Word application.

2: Open the PDF file, find it on your system and open it.

3: A PDF to Word conversion message will appear. Allow it by clicking the ” OK ” button.

4: Now, your PDF file is ready to edit!


Convert a PDF file to DOC using Online Tools

Using a free online PDF converter is one of the most convenient ways to convert your PDF files to Word documents. In addition, you don’t have to pay for the change and install any third-party apps.

Small pdf

We use “Small pdf,” one of the best online PDF to Word converters in the example below.


1: Open any PDF file stored on your system.

2: Select the option you want to take advantage of; Based on the requirements, we have selected the ” Convert to Word ” option:

3: Wait for a few sec though this online tool changes the selected PDF file.

4: Hit the download button, and you are ready to go with the converted Word document.

Convert a PDF file to DOC using Google Docs

Google Docs is a free online word computer that allows users to make and edit documents. It will enable you to achieve this functionality online with ease. This word processor can also open PDF files and save them in docx, txt, RTF, and epub formats. Google Docs recognizes as ” Google PDF Editor ” or ” Google PDF to Word Converter .” Let’s see how PDF to DOCX conversion works in Google Docs.


1: Sign in to your Google explanation and open Google Docs.

2: Click on the folder icon present on the right side.

3: Click on the “Upload,” select the desired PDF from your system, and click “Open .”

4: As you can see, the PDF file opens. Now choose the “Google Docs” option from the menu. This action will allow you to convert your available PDF file to a Word document.

Online PDF Converter

Online PDF Converter is another popular tool to convert PDF to Word DOC. Follow the procedure below for a smooth conversion with this tool.


1: Drop or choose the PDF file you want from your system.
2: Select the “To word” conversion option.

3: After a few moments, your Word DOC is ready to download.

Adobe Export PDF

Adobe Export PDF is a service provided by Adobe Document Cloud that allows you to convert PDF files to Word or Excel documents. Compared to expensive Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Export PDF is substantially cheaper. If you are an Adobe user who wants to convert PDF files to Word Docs frequently, this is a better option:

Is it Safe to convert PDF to DOC using a Free Converter?

Of course.! The DOC file download link will be available immediately after conversion. We delete uploaded files after 24 hours, and download links will stop working after this period. No one has access to your files. File conversion (including PDF to DOC) is safe.

Can I Convert PDF to DOC on Linux, Mac OS, or Android?

Yes, you can use the free Converter app on any operating system with a web browser. Our PDF to DOC converter works online and requires no software installation.


In terms of accessibility, you can use our online PDF to DOC conversion tools to handle various file formats and file sizes on any operating system. So whether you’re on a MacBook, a Windows machine, or even a portable mobile device, the PDF to DOC converter is always excellent online for your convenience.

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