Cita Previa Seguridad social is used to track a worker’s lifetime earnings. The Jamsostek number is not a work permit, and you can use that digit for life when you get a social security  Number. You don’t necessarily apply for a new Cita Previa Seguridad social if you adjust schools or get a new I-20. Students with F-1 and J-1 status working in the US must apply for a  social number. Dependents in F-2 prominence are not authorized for a  social number. (Students who will not work on-site but receive a taxable scholarship must apply for an Individual Tax Id Number (ITIN) for tax purposes.)

The closest Cita previa seguridad social  Administration office to UW is downtown at 915 Second Avenue, Suite 901, Seattle, WA, 98104.

Request an Appointment at the Cita Previa Seguridad Social


How to request an appointment at the Cita previa seguridad social  INSS? Due to the exceptional situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. All the Attention and Information Centers of the National Institute of Cita Previa Seguridad Social  ( INSS ) have temporarily closed their attention to the public. During the state of alarm. The deadlines will be suspended, except in those procedures related to affiliation, settlement, and Cita previa seguridad social  contribution.

It is impossible to request an appointment for pensions and other benefits at this time (the application itself for the request for a position in person is provisionally closed), and, in the case of having done it before, it has been canceled. However, if the citizen needs to carry out an urgent and non-postponable procedure, request, or query. He can continue to operate by telematic means or by telephone. These channels are available to citizens who have appointments and those who do not.

To carry out transactions electronically, it was necessary to have a secure authentication method digital certificate. However, due to concurrent circumstances, the National Cita Previa Seguridad Social  Institute has enabled a premium channel through which urgent procedures can be carried out without prior authentication.

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I had an appointment at the Cita previa seguridad social, and I do NOT have an electronic identification system

Suppose the citizen does not have a digital certificate. In that case, they can continue to carry out urgent and urgent procedures, requests. And communications through a provisional channel enabled by Cita previa seguridad social

To access this service, the interested party must access the Cita previa seguridad social  Electronic Headquarters. Follow the “Citizens” route, then click “Other Procedures.” Once inside, you must go to Presentation of other writings, requests, and communications (National Institute of Cita previa seguridad social ) and go to the form from the “Without certificate” option.

Another more straightforward option is to access the link “Presentation of other documents, requests and communications (National Cita Previa Seguridad Social  Institute)” from the home page of the Cita Previa Seguridad social  Electronic Office

I had an appointment at the Cita previa seguridad social, and I have an electronic identification system

If the interested party has an electronic certificate, for security reasons, they must use them to carry out the appropriate electronic procedures. These procedures may be done through the social  Electronic Office or the Tu Seguridad Social portal .

Suppose you do not have a digital certificate or are a  user. In that case, you may use the electronic services through the representation of a family member, close friend, or professional who does have them. Thus, you must attach it to the signed standardized representation model form. You can find it in the Responsible Statement regarding social security benefits.

Prior Appointment Via The Internet

This service is available both on the web and at the Cita Previa Seguridad social  Electronic Headquarters by clicking on this link, where you can select between an appointment for pensions and other INSS benefits or procedures with the Social Institute of the Navy. In addition, it allows you to consult or cancel the appointment.

Next, you must select whether you want to request the appointment with or without a digital certificate or username and password in cl@ve.

To request the appointment without a digital certificate. You must fill in the identification data with name and surname, DNI, NIE, passport, and mobile phone number (the email address is optional).

How to Carry out these Procedures from our Home

To avoid risks and if you have difficulties obtaining an appointment at short notice. You can carry out the procedures through the Electronic Office or the Tu Seguridad Social portal if you have a digital certificate or cl@ve.

If you do not have an electronic certificate or a cl@ve password. You can use the form provided for submitting briefs, requests, and communications, which you can access at this link .

If your request is for the Minimum Vital Income, you can request it from this link without a digital certificate. Be sure to read the instructions. This guide helps you fill out the form and the necessary documentation .

If what you want is to inquire, there are several ways to do so without having to go to an office:

  • ISSA, the new virtual assistant available on the social website and the Electronic Office
  • The consultation mailbox from which you can send them directly to the INSS, which will respond as soon as possible
  • The citizen attention telephone number is 901 16 65 65, operating daily working days from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

So You Can Request An Appointment At Cita Previa Seguridad Social

Suppose you need to go to the Attention and Information Center of the National Institute of social security (CAISS) to carry out any management such as processing any of the pensions or benefits of the System (retirement, widowhood or Minimum Vital Income). In that case, it is necessary to go by appointment. The National social security offices  The prior work can be request in two ways, online or by phone.

You can request an appointment online from the Your social  portal (if you have a digital certificate or Cl@ve) and through the social security website or the electronic office if you do not have other identification methods.

Request An Appointment By Phone

Another way to request an appointment with social security is by phone. You can request an appointment by calling 915 41 25 30 or 901 10 65 70. You will hear an automatic system that first thing it will do is remind you that you can no longer make an appointment by phone. That is, the work is to attend in person at the INSS offices. The System will give four options to choose from:

  • Dial 1 to obtain a digital certificate or permanent key
  • Mark 2 if you want to submit pension applications
  • Dial 3 to submit applications for other benefits (not Minimum Vital Income)
  • Dial 4 to submit applications for Minimum Vital Income (IMV)

After entering your postal code and your DNI. The System will provide you with the prior appointment (office, day, and time), but it is also possible to send you to process it online, where there are more options to choose from days. An appointment can be delete with your DNI/NIE and the locator in the prior appointment service.

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