Choosing the right CBD vape pen can be tricky. There are several factors to consider, such as the ingredients of the cannabidiol (CBD) oil itself, the materials used to make your coils, and how long it takes to heat up. Vape pens should also have good battery life and offer a variety of flavors so that you can experiment with different tastes.

6 Factors To Consider Before Selecting Your CBD Vape Pen

Here are six things you should look for when shopping for a new CBD vape pen:

Check the Ingredients

The first thing you need to do is check the ingredients list. This will help you determine if there are any harmful chemicals or toxins in it, including propylene glycol, formaldehyde, and diacetyl.

The second factor to look for is the amount of CBD. The recommended amount of CBD for vaping should be between 25 and 50 mg per serving. Anything below 25mg will not give you any therapeutic benefits at all. If you have never used cannabis before and don’t know how much CBD would be ideal for your body type, it’s best to start with a lower dosage first and then increase it gradually over time until you find what works best for yourself without causing any side effects or adverse reactions.

The third thing to consider is whether or not there is THC content in your vape cartridge or pen. If yes, then how much? You should note that THC affects everyone differently depending on their metabolism rate as well as their weight etc., so make sure that when buying one from an online store, they provide information on how much THC each cartridge contains so that there won’t be any surprises later down the line when using them regularly!

Look at the materials of the vape coils.

When choosing the best vape pen for your needs, the coils are a significant factor. The material of the coil and how it is built can make all the difference in how efficiently you can vape. Some typical materials used for vape coils include:

  • Ceramic (ceramic donut)
  • Quartz (quartz donut)
  • Titanium
  • Nickel

The type of material used will affect several aspects related to your vaping experience. For example, ceramic and quartz have been known to give off less vapor than other options because they require more power from your battery. Additionally, some people find that titanium gives them a smoother hit than other options when using their CBD Vape Pen.

Company’s Reputation

The company’s reputation is next to look at when choosing a CBD vape pen. This will mainly be determined by two factors: how long they have been in business and how many positive customer reviews they have received throughout these years. If you find out that the company has been around for a relatively short time, then it might not be as trustworthy or reliable as one that has been established for several years. In addition, if there aren’t any testimonials from customers on their website or elsewhere online, then this could also mean that there aren’t any happy customers with whom you can talk about their experiences with this product line.

company reputation

Product Reviews

For your CBD vape pen to serve its purpose, it must be high quality. Therefore, you should always check the reviews of a product before purchasing it. If many positive reviews speak highly of a particular seller’s products and services, then it is likely they have been quite successful in their endeavors. On the other hand, if there are numerous negative reviews from customers who have had negative experiences with this seller or their products or services, you should avoid dealing with them at all costs.

Check the battery life.

The battery life of your CBD vape pen can be an essential factor in deciding which device to purchase. Ideally, your battery should last you at least 300 puffs. This will ensure that you have enough vapor to last a few days and that you don’t need to recharge it too often. It’s also essential that the batteries are replaceable so that they aren’t damaged when they run out of power, as well as being easy to charge so that you’re not stuck with a useless device when this happens.

Lastly, look for long-lasting, durable batteries that won’t stop working after a few uses. It’s always better if they come with warranties or guarantees on their lifespan as well; this way, if something goes wrong after some time has passed then, there won’t be anything stopping you from getting it fixed or replaced without having paid an exorbitant amount of money upfront before even trying out how good it performs over time!

Check storage guidelines

  • Keep out of reach of children: Children may be attracted to the colorful packaging and beg you to let them use it. You must not! The product is intended for adult use only, so keep it out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a cool, dry place: Storing your CBD vape pen in a cool, dry place can help extend its life span by preventing rust on the metal parts and degradation of its oil content due to oxidation over time (oxidation causes the oil in your vape pen cartridge to become thick and sticky).
  • Do not refrigerate: The cold temperatures inside a refrigerator can cause condensation on both ends of a cartridge when it has been exposed to cold temperatures— this could clog up your vaporizer’s heating element with water droplets that were stuck inside during transit or storage.
  • Avoid dropping your vape pen: Dropping it on the floor is bad for its appearance, but it can also damage its inner components and cause leaking or breakage.


It would be best if you always buy a new CBD vape pen. You’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the best product for your money, which means researching every aspect of it beforehand. When doing so, consider these six factors which will help you find the right vape pen for your needs.