Lankybox fans received their greatest hope as the pair’s first retail toy line, in partnership with Bonkers Toys, hit shelves and websites in July 2022. Lankybox is the world’s most viewed YouTube game duo and has consistently been one of the highest-rated channels based on serving in the US (Tubefilter 2022). High-energy stars Justin and Adam and their cast of animated charismas, including Boxy, Foxy, and Rocky, create the ideal content to anchor the best-selling toy line. With over 1.5 billion videotape views per month and 25 billion life opinions, the Lankybox line will set the bar high for influencer-based collections.

Justin, Adam, and the team at Lankybox are fantastic partners for Bonkers Toys,” said Bonkers Toys President and CEO Brian Bonnett. “We look forward to great retail success with the new toy, as the combination of Lankybox energy, huge fan base, and Bonkers’ product design expertise will make a winning combination.

Lankybox Gift Card

This gift card is not a physical creation. At checkout, you will receive an email with a link to the gift card page, which contains a code that can be redeemed in-store for the amount of your purchase. If you are sending this gift card to someone, you can print the gift card page or send them the link.

Lankybox Giant Mystery Box, Contains Portable Box, 2 Mystery Figures, a 6″ Glow-in-the-Dark Plush Soft Figure, Pop-it Fidget Toy, a Canny with Pop-up Sticker, and 3 Stickers.

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Lankybox Animated Stories

It has created an animated story about his past. One episode revealed that Justin had tried to sneak into an R-rated horror movie with his friend in high school and succeeded until people started checking tickets. Another episode revealed that Adam was dating his friend’s sister, and he was best friend and got caught too—cheating on him with his crush in high school.

Puzzle Videos of Lankybox

Lankybox used to react to puzzle videos in 2019. The series is simple, and they watch riddles on YouTube and try to guess them. They started making content like this again in  2021 and are now making this series. Puzzle videos in 2021 and 2022 have video game and movie characters but mostly contain things like Sonic EXE, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Charm, Turning Red, etc.

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Character of Lankybox



Yellow and white cardboard box. He is affectionate and sometimes clumsy. He runs the Lankybox World channel along with Foxy. Rocky, Sticky, Canny, Ghosty, Thicc Shark, Milky and LankyBot


A purple, dark purple, and white fox with a cardboard box on his head, he loves food and makes puns like Justin. Along with Boxy, Rocky, Sticky, Canny, Ghosty, Thicc Shark, Milky, and LankyBot, he runs the Lankybox World channel. He is also Justin’s spirit animal.


A dark gray and light gray rock with black eyes and mouth. It’s Justin’s favorite rock. She was missing for a while before being found and turned into a doll. His motto is “It’s time to rock and roll!”. He runs the Lankybox World channel with Foxy, Boxy, Sticky, Canny, Ghosty, Thicc Shark, Milky, and LankyBot.

Mini Foxy & Boxy Plushies

There are six mini-plush that appear on the show multiple times. These plushies consist of Superhero Foxy, Sleepy Boxy, Pizza Foxy, Birthday Boxy, Donut Foxy, and Heart Boxy. They can be purchase from the Lankybox Mystery Egg, and they are no longer available.

The Shark

A blue and white shark appears multiple times in the Guess The Price series and puzzles before being turn into a doll.


A milk jug with a sound box can play Lankybox’s “Milk Song.” She is the only Lankybox doll that has a larynx.


A gray to light gray robot separate from the Cyborg Collection. It has an LED light, and it can still be bought.

Personalities Behind Lankybox


Adam can be pretty sarcastic sometimes and is known to laugh at everything Justin says/does.


Justin describes himself as “thick” and quirky and is known for his puns and alter ego, as well as being a foodie as he is seen over and over again eating food that should be use for videos and not to eat He is also known for mishearing what Adam says and making them play games.

He is a fun and energetic person. He likes to eat pizza, fried chicken (especially KFC), and donuts. Didn’t want anyone calling him fat or stealing his food. It tends to get mad at Adam for spending his budget on useless stuff and getting angry, but overall he’s a fun human being.

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Controversy of Lankybox

Stealing Accusations

On December 8, 2020, famous YouTuber Flamingo Roblox made a tweet exposing Lankybox on Twitter. He accused them multiple times of stealing thumbnails and video titles from other YouTubers. An example is Lankybox copying the exact thumbnail from IamSanna’s video. I am building an ENTIRE *SECRET* MANSION on top of my BEST FRIEND’s house adopted by me! (Roblox)”. Immediately after Flamingo’s tweet, various YouTubers made videos about the situation, like SonaDrawzStuffYT and KonekoKitten.

Lankybox never responded to the situation, and some fans attacked the people who exposed Lankybox, along with many YouTubers who made videos about the situation. This, however, only taken for a short time in the Roblox community. They recently started stealing miniatures entirely, not just the concept of a miniature. Roblox YouTuber KreekCraft expose Lankybox on Twitter, saying that one of his thumbnails has been stolen and show a comparison of the video of him with the stolen Lankybox and the footage of Lankybox with the stolen thumbnail.

Lost at Bloxy

On February 10, 2021, Lankybox was nominate for the 8th Annual Bloxy Video of the Year Award. They competed against FGTeeV, ElTrollino, and LOGinHDi. Adam represented his candidacy because Justin is not a member of the YT Star Program Group, he is not an independent content creator, and Adam is the principal founder of the Lankybox  channel. They then lost Bloxys to FGTeeV because they got the most votes. While many Lankybox  fans accepted the loss, many others did not. They then raided Roblox’s Twitter and Instagram pages and committed hate crimes against FGTeeV. He address the Roblox Instagram page post about the announcement of the year’s video to be archived and received some reactions.

Then in June 2022, Lankybox was nominate again. But for Video Star of the Year at the Roblox Innovation Awards (previously the 9th Annual Bloxy Awards). They will later lose against the Flamingo. Like last time, his fanbase is about to invade Roblox’s Twitter and commit hate crimes against Albert.

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